European Union falling apart ?


Italy also slips into recession


That’s news?


Well not to the MSM …300,000 on the streets yesterday not 300 , but not news to the people who want to ignore it. What do you think the outcome of this will be ?
Asking for a friend :grin:


Probably not, but this is definitely news.


if/when DB merges with CommerzBank, it’s a very bad signal


Deutsche is in bigger trouble, but for some interesting "accounting " they own a Billion Euros of pretty doubtful debt from EU Countries , which they have very little chance of getting…but remain on the asset side of their balance sheet.


Germany drifting towards recession …But not in recession yet.
Anyway never quote the Express for anything .


Sophisticated argument …they MUST be wrong :grin:


I think it’s likely that a German recession happens.


Haben Sie gehört die Deutsche Bank? Bada bing, bada boom, bada bing bang bing bang bong…


So…of the top economies in the Eu, Uk is leaving, Germany is on the brink of recession, France has a civil revolt.

Those countries should obviously give up their sovereignty and give it to the Eu, everything would be solved. They should also give the Eu more money, because why not?


They already have agreed to. They will also have to contribute more cash in the future. Deutsche B., would be insolvent if it was forced to write off loans which are unrealistic to get back. These still appear on the asset side of their balance sheet… for that very reason. It’s one big Ponzi scheme but better to ignore it and it might go away …nothing to see here …just like your gif.


I sense a hint of sarcasm in your post…

Are you skeptical towards the Eu? Don’t you believe that everyone is actually benefiting from it?
You’re a bit problematic…but I know what could change your mind:


Don’t spend it all at once!


I’m guessing the Euro took a nice drop against the dollar and NTD? Need to go buy euros soon for the move



I give them about 6 weeks before they surrender and send them back lol

Salvini is savage, Macron is the 2nd most spineless leader after Trudeau.


Salvini isn’t the prime minister of Italy. but anyway


No, but he is arguably the most powerful politician in Italy right now.


So ‘they’ are going to ‘surrender’ to who exactly… hmmm

No doubt they would surrender to a nice bowl of pasta, or maybe even rissotto if it was come la mama la fare like :wink:


It’s a reference to the war the france lasted 6 weeks in since they wanted to bring it up.