EZ Way App - Customs information

I ordered a package totalling $300us 2 weeks ago and received a message a few days before it was delivered to me. The authentication process doesn’t seem to work for both English and Chinese names but the package was delivered even though I didn’t get ‘authenticated’ in the app. My Taiwanese wife on the other hand has succeeded with receiving authentication and her online purchases from shopee have been delivered in timely fashion. She successfully gets notifications on the app when they require authorisation for customs processing.

So, I can’t read Chinese that well, but I’m trying to match the characters for SF express and don’t see it. Am I just blind?

I believe it is the ACS one.
Maybe I’m wrong.

Second last on this old screen shot, 豐運, doesn’t seem to be on yours

Darn, I already sent it to the ACS one. Thought maybe the app was broken on my phone and couldn’t display the characters.

Strange that it’s not on my list. I checked to make sure the app was updated and even switched it to Chinese language in case that made a difference. Oh well, guess I’ll just call them tomorrow or wait and see if it shows up.

Regarding SF Express. There’s a special place in hell for these people or, I should say, for this company. They sent me both text messages and an email detailing the fact that I should use the EZ Way app in order to facilitate the import of some shirts I ordered from the states. I did so, even without the real name authentification, and provided them with a printed copy of the letter of authorization as well as my personal information. I replied to them by both email and a text message. No response. I waited a week and still no response.

I decided to call their helpline and selected the English “service” agent who, of course spoke no English. I managed to communicate with them and to glean from them that I needed to download some special document from the website and upload directly to their website. Apparently nobody read my email or text message.

At that point in time I had heard that some people had their packages from SF Express Returned to Sender after waiting for a certain period. I asked for a confirmation and promise from the service agent that she would contact the representative in the US where the package was and guarantee that it would not be returned to the sender. This was, of course, a recorded conversation.

That was on a Friday and over the weekend and managed to upload the relevant files. On the following Monday I called and they said that they received the file but that the package has already been returned to its sender. They said that I needed to contact the original seller to figure things out.

In no uncertain terms I told them that they needed to do their goddamn job. I asked if she agreed and promised to do this. I was assured they were going to take care of the matter.

Just today (a week later) I received a text message stating that I needed to reply within 6 days of July 24th, of course a date which has long since passed, in which case if I did not reply and follow their instructions the package would be returned.

They then send me a phone number for Pitney Bowes in the US. I called and this number which said that the number was only applicable to governmental orders and that for other customer service I would need to contact the original seller.

Since this was all done over eBay all I could do was write a lengthy letter to them and wait to see what the response is going to be. I will never, never ever use SF Express in the future. I strongly encourage anyone ordering through eBay to make this stipulation in order to avoid using this crap courier.

In fact, I did call the EZ Way app company and asked about about the situation with SF Express Express. They were actually very courteous. They mentioned that, unlike other couriers, there was no actual agreement or relationship with this company, therefore the normal procedures which I had been using for the last couple of years could not be applied to this shitty courier. This was obviously not the first time they’ve received this kind of call and I completely understand from their point of view how the SF Express company is completely at fault. EZ Way did blame the government in stating that these new restrictions were brought about by new regulations. I can understand that as well but it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth to get shit you already paid for, especially when it’s under 2000 NTD and when there are no import charges.

Keypoint: avoid “SF Distress” at all costs.


Well, fair enough, but it’s not her fault. She’s just the phone lady. She probably has nothing to do with process.

Similar experience with SF express. Actually I got no messages and the goods are reported lost now.

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Don’t make promises you can’t keep. The “phone people” from other companies have often said that they would “pass along” my request, but stopped at promising action. And, no, it was not a language barrier issue.

I just got this for an order from Amazon totaling to 28 USD. Do I need to pay anything or just download the app and scan my arc?

How did this story end? I just realized I had an order from aliexpress sitting at SF Express and it’s not going to leave China ever. I’ve still got to order the same product from a different seller.

contact sfx press

I’ve also just attempted to register as my Shopee order from overseas wouldn’t go through without doing so. “Attempted” being the key word. Anyone know what this means?

I assume “Account Info” should be “Account Management”, but there’s nothing under there for me to verify my phone number. I don’t have a Chinese name printed on my ARC either. Is there any solution to this, or can I just not order anything from overseas sellers on Shopee anymore?

Also, first time I’ve ever seen a toggle switch used to exit an app…


I just sorta resist all their information gathering.

We need all this info from you to pick up your package.

I just say No. Then the package gets delivered!


Use any delivery option apart from SF Xpress on Taobao and you will get a reminder to use EZWAY, but the stuff still comes

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Even with SF express it works for me.

They want to know my ID number.

I don’t have an ID number. I’m not Taiwanese.

Do you have anything else?

I dont really feel comfortable putting my passport on email.

Few more backs and forths, then it comes in.

Either that or they just go and have my info in the system. Probably tagged as troublesome foreign friend.

i just logged it into their system

I’ve waited 6 months.

You’ve tried that, if so, which shipping company and method? The problem isn’t that it won’t clear customs. The problem is the shipping company won’t move it out of China.

From where? There’s more to their company. I think the problem isn’t just with SFE than with their subsidiary companies.

Usually the Chinese use SF Express.

From Taobao you have four 集運 options. Just use any apart from the most expensive SFExpress one