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Ongoing. SF Express, even after promising to hold onto the package, sent it back to the seller. Well, back to an eBay shipping center. Seller told me to contact international shipping, since it wasn’t their responsibility. I haven’t been able to find any relevant contact information. I opened a “case” in eBay, which was the only option I was given after following links down a rabbit hole. Still thinking of how to move forward from here. eBay, or their shipping center doesn’t reveal contact information. SF Express told me to contact the seller, which I did and with no results.

In short, still in the same frustrated state.

I’ve now read through a couple of other threads on this damn app and I’m still none the wiser. Here’s the situation:

  • I’m trying to order something on Shopee from overseas. Total value <NT$650. Shopee forced me to download and install the EZWay app.
  • I installed it from my phone and registered my English name/phone number/e-mail address under “Others” (as opposed to “R.O.C. Citizen”). I included my ARC number and uploaded copies of the front and back.
  • The registration seemed to go through, in that the app didn’t throw up any error messages. My status in the app shows up as “Member” and “Not Yet Validated”:
  • Tapping on “Real-Name Authorization” tells me I need to do “Telcom validation”, whatever that is, and gives me instructions to go to menu items that don’t exist in the app. My phone number is prepaid rather than a monthly contract, if that’s relevant.
  • Tapping on “Paper Letter of Authorization” gives a list of courier options, none of which seem to match the only possible delivery option of Shopee home delivery (蝦皮宅配) in Shopee.
  • Separate from this, I also attempted to register from my computer browser:
  • This also appears to have gone through successfully, judging from the Shopee notification (no idea what “KYC” and “JKO” are):
    20200909 Shopee ID verification congrats redacted
  • Nonetheless, the order page in the app still tells me I need to “Complete Custom’s real-name authorization before payment” (this order is cash on delivery to 7-11), and tapping on that just takes me back to a screen telling me I need to use the EZ Way app with my Chinese name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I might ultimately get a Chinese name added to my ARC, but there isn’t one on there at the moment and I don’t really want to wait 2 weeks before ordering. Am I missing something here? Is there anything I can do here if my ID doesn’t have a Chinese name and the seller isn’t using one of the specified couriers? This bloody app…

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You just need to stop at uploading you ID.

Everything after that is not needed.

Done this dozens of times with UPS, FEDEX, SFExpress, and DHL. All were ok.


I didn’t read all of that, but it looks like something I’ve before. You just need, on Shopee, to click through to where you submit your ARC pictures. You don’t need JKO, but they seem to be the one that verifies you. You can’t do real name verification if you are a foreigner. For some reason, EZWay says it’s not allowed to store foreigner’s IDs. But you don’t need it to buy from overseas on Shopee.

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I have order this product from Alibaba for about $7000 and my seller is asking me to register at the EZWAY APP, for some reason I cannot get verified since I am using a Prepaid Sim card, but this sim card is registered under my name. Since I’m already frustrated in doing the verification process, I sent an email to ezway through the EZway App, and this is what they say( Check attached photo)
Haha, my seller is so unresponsive, and didn’t provide the courier yet, she keeps on saying that its some special line.

I happen to buy an item from Alibaba and my seller has ship it through Shenzhen Daoqin Logistics in China, but I don’t know who is the receiving CUSTOM BROKER here in Taiwan, I kept on asking my seller but jesus!She doesn’t even answer my question and she is so unresponsive. how would I process everything on Ezway App. Does Anyone knows if who light be the custom broker of Daoqin Logistics here in Taiwan I am really frustrated about this already. If anyone else knows, please help me comment here. Thank you so much in advanced.

Just encountered this EZ Way app (misnomer) and after some lovely struggles this small thread helped me out.


I got some sort of confirmation email, so I guess I’m all good now, but we’ll see in a week!

Jesus Hopscotching Christ. Just read through all this after receiving the text asking me to download the app and initially thinking it was a scam. Just installed it and even the intro is a joke. Am I supposed to trust an app that says “Select “Register” to register for Real-Name Validation” which then points to a button saying “Sign Up” instead of “Register”?

I’ll probably just take the chance and ignore it. Using an abortion like this just convinces the powers-that-be that it’s a good idea and people like it.

it won’t work for foreigners anyway

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Paper Letter of Authorization works, but not with SF Express.
If you’ve got a Fedex or DHL package and your info is already saved in the app, then Bob’s yer uncle. Easy-peasy.
In the end I’ve gone to e-mailing SF Express by encrypted e-mail and stating waybill number, my name and ARC number in the message.
It gives me fits that the Taiwan government is so cavalier with security of our sensitive personal information.

SF are lying bastards. Mainland Chinese company, so they make us jump through hoops. They won’t collaborate with EZ-Way, so not exactly the fault on the Taiwan end. Lost a several thousand NTD delivery due to SF bullshit and lies. If ordering from overseas, I now explicitly demand any other courier than SF.

I managed to work out a modus vivendi with SF, but it’s not optimal.
I’m required to e-mail my info EVERY time SF handles a waybill for import.
They are usually designated the “final destination carrier” for overseas orders, in which case you don’t get a choice.

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Could you explain more about the non-optimal process you use? Do you have to contact them each time, they contact you, or what else?

SF Express English service e-mail address
英文組 Englishservice@sf-express.com

They e-mail me at my gmail address each time a package needs to be cleared.
I reply by encrypted e-mail to protect my sensitive id info. I use the free version of Proton Mail to reply.
(You could also fax the number. Fax is antiquated, but a fairly safe way to send info.)
I put the SF Tracking number in the subject line.
I put my name and my ARC# in the body of the e-mail.
Add a brief description if necessary.
That’s it.

The problem is, I’ve never got an email from them when I had a shipment coming.

Well, you have to rattle their cage and make something happen.
I made myself such a nuisance… I’m sure they do this so that I won’t ever phone them again.

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So I bought something on eBay weeks ago, and I just received a message asking me to download this app.

Can I just ignore it?

【順豐國際】您好!您的快件SF1*******01438需辦理實名認證,為保證包裹快速通關,請您於手機下載「EZ WAY易利委」APP辦理,如已辦理請忽略。操作方式可去電0277352812關貿網路客服詢問,詳細資訊可見台灣順豐官網。如已下載和實名認證請忽略此短信。

Copy and paste the waybill number into an e-mail to SF-Express English Service.
That’s how my long travail with this piss-poor GuangZhou-based logistics company began.
If you are persistent and spiky enough, they will concede and allow you to send a return e-mail each time a package needs to be cleared. Not optimal. but it works.

Don’t wanna use SF Express? You can call SF Express and simply ask to be blacklisted.

Then the eBay Global Shipping Programme will be forced to use a different carrier.