Farewell, Dragonbones! 💔

Funny that. I get people asking where home is when I reply Alishan then they ask where I was born. My reply, not in Alishan. Where I was born is not my home. For a lot of us here home is Taiwan not some far distant land oceans away.


A lot of old timers did go back to their home countries, others stuck around. A lot of people with kids bailed on this site over the years with goodbye posts, others just left quietly.


RIP! My deepest sympathy to his loved ones.


Sad news RIP Dragbones. I knew he was big into food and cooking and has kids.

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Sometimes you can tell by following a someone’s posts over years that they must be a special person in real life. Dragonbones was one of those people.

The last thread I remember him starting that I posted in goes back a couple of years:

His posts in it included:

I am looking for a gay-friendly novel, preferably in Spanish, but if not, in English, for my kids to read around age 10-13…Something where the or one of several protagonists is coming to terms with or admits to liking the same sex …my broader goal is just open-mindedness in my children; my more specific goal is just part of letting our kids know that we’re happy with them without preference on orientation…

I think that alone tells you what kind of person he was and the life he likely led, never mind all of his valuable cooking contributions.

Never met him offline but greatly saddened by the news. Thanks for the post @maoman. He couldn’t have been very old (showing again, only the good die young). Hope the next few days go as smoothly as possible for his wife and kids. Thanks for everything Dragonbones, RIP.


Update: three days ago his lungs were failing and his wife posted, preparing friends for the worst. Today she posted: “Three days ago, they were giving him 100% oxygen. Two days ago, they reduced it to 80, then it was 55 when I first arrived to visit him, then 50 by the time I left.

This morning, it’s down to 40. That means he’s getting better at obtaining oxygen on his own.

He looks better today, though still on ventilator. As I told him what had happened at home, how we were preparing ourselves, he had tears coming out. I said but he’s fighting to stay with us, he nodded yes.”

He’s still in ICU, his situation is still precarious, but I know his family and friends are grateful for every moment he’s still here.


:cry: so sad.


That is wild news. So, his wife on Facebook is asking for folks with A+ and A- blood to go donate it .


If you are of A+ or A-blood type (especially A-), please donate at your nearest donation center.

Kent is in need of A+ or A- blood type for platelet and A- only for red blood cells.

Apparently it is not a common type locally so the hospitals are always short.

All donated blood will be sent to the central blood center and distributed to hospitals, so there’s no ‘direct-donation’ option.



I hope we can get an update on Kent’s condition soon!


Not possible to make a direct donation? I’m not sure what my blood type is and also I theoretically don’t qualify for blood donation in Taiwan, but a direct donation would bypass those restrictions, I presume.

EDIT: I just look at my last blood test, and I’m type B, so unfortunately I couldn’t help him even if direct donation was an option.

Yeah, that’s one of the last posts I recalled… funny that you linked it. Two years ago, time flies.

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That’s what the lady said. And she also said just donate what you got. Someone needs it!

A friend who tried to donate to her own mother confirmed on this; you can’t. Ridiculous.


The systems works fast, I hear, and the
Blood needs to be tested anyway. You can’t just plug into to your loved ones, I suppose.


Which is ridiculous. Anyway, I don’t want to change the topic of the thread.


Some hospitals allow direct donation under special conditions.

National Taiwan University Hospital
Taipei Veterans General Hospital


Where is he at?

Edited to add: Pretty sure I’m A-negative.


@maoman alert!



His wife already says the hospital does not allow direct donation, so where he is does not really matter. There is a blood shortage in Taiwan right now. Just donate at any blood center if you can.

So it’s not something that needs to be done right away?

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there are four regional centers. k town needs the A blood immediately.