FIFA World Cup 2018



I imagine if he spent more time on his feet , instead of rolling about on the ground , he would be even more impressive


Mexico with ten shots, one on the mark (I think I heard that correctly). Pretty difficult for any amount of hustle and hard work to overcome Brazil with that.


Ah I guess this World Cup could only get so crazy, before reality snapped back a bit. Oh well.





Not a good half for Japan. No score, but nearly the whole half of the match took place in Japan’s half of the field.

Doesn’t bode well for Japan’s chances in the second half.


And Japan score two minutes into the second half. A minute later Belgium very nearly tie the game.

Second half may be a good one …


2-0 Japan. What a World Cup this is!


Belgium miss a header by 18" in the 62nd minute. In the 64th minute Japan miss by about the same distance.

This half is as exciting as the first half was boring.


69th minute and Belgium head a sky ball over the keeper and into Japan’s goal.

Japan 2-1 Belgium

What a second half!


74th minute and Belgium execute a great cross from the left and an even better header into goal.



83rd minute and I can’t remember the last penalty in this match. Maybe none, they’ve been that rare.


86th minute and Japan’s 35-year old keeper makes two world-class saves in 3 seconds. That guy belongs in Sea World with his flinging his body around so acrobatically.


92nd minute and we get the first penalty (on Belgium) that I can remember. Nobody is carded.

And Japan very nearly score the penalty kick from 40 meters out!


Belgium scores in the 94th minute! Fast break, length of the field with 3 great passes and a score on the keeper’s blindside. Unbelievable!

Japan 2-3 Belgium.


And that’s it, full time. Match of the tournament, no contest.

Japan lost, but I have become a fan for life. What a great effort. What a match!


Oh, Japan, soo close…

That header by the Belgian player was one of the best I have ever seen.


Damn, I couldn’t stay up. Thought this game was going to be a snooze. Oh well. Guess I’ll watch the highlights later. Would’ve been incredible if Japan managed it. Sorry, Senegal. Better team got through!






What a brilliant little whiner he is.