FoodPanda & UberEats pay is so high, how?

Delivery rider who rides 16-hour days hailed “Five Platform Rider”

Our family still have never used any food delivery service in Taiwan (except for post partum service ).
We just don’t see the need , I guess I just tell the wife whip something up in the kitchen. :grin:
We don’t mind walking around outside either.

That sounds safe.


No perspective or even slightest allusion to the occupational safety of such long hours. Every major platform got their branding shown. :thinking:


Extreme hours seem to be talked about every now and then, like when someone dies from working too much. It seems extremely long hour is the SOP here. I mean I heard the going rate for day labor is 2000nt a day, so if they could make more than this driving for uber eats, even 100nt more, they would flock to it.