Foreigners sent home in the event of a Chinese invasion?

Do you think that in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the NIA would act like nothing is wrong, or would they suspend tourism, revoke ARCs, etc? In my opinion, only marriage ARC and APRC holders would be allowed to stay, and everyone else would be sent back to their countries.

I think it’s important to remember that an APRC in Taiwan is not like a green card in other countries, and it can be revoked very easily by the authorities. It would likely be even easier during martial law.

*I don’t mean revoked by the Communist Chinese (PRC) authorities, I mean revoked by the Taiwan (ROC) authorities whilst they fight off the Chinese for however long that could actually take.

What is your opinion?

Ha ha.
If you’re worried about your status under that circumstance, you’re worrying about the lesser of 2 evils.

But, for discussion purposes, I would hazard that Taiwan would Not do anything towards ARC/APRC holders, as any collateral damage during the war (meaning ARC/APRC holders die due to the war) would be negative images against China’s actions, and thus bring sympathy from around the world.
Just a thought.

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I’m not concerned about my status, there is no way they would send marriage ARC holders home, because in their minds we have a duty to protect our Taiwan spouses. I didn’t think about the sympathy point, I don’t think it’s too far fetched to think the ROC would use foreigners for sympathy.

China attacks and two seconds later the Taiwanese government and the entire population surrenders without a fight. After all, how can they make money if they’re dead? That’s all that matters, money. Taiwanese are just another flavor of Chinese, except they aren’t nationalistic and express no national pride whatsoever.

Case in point was just posted in Whack Things in Taiwan.


I agree that most Taiwanese wouldn’t fight. I think they would just say “We’ll wait for the US”.

Can’t believe they don’t ban the PRC flags given all the aggression from China and their undermining of our society and economy here .

I can understand why they don’t. Taiwanese people campaigned for years for the right to political freedom. Being able to wave whatever flag you want, is a part of that freedom. I think you could argue that Taiwanese people don’t care if someone is waving a PRC flag because they see their political freedom as something that should be respected. It could also be that they don’t want confrontation.


Now explain to me why would ROC revoke ARCs?

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Explain to me why this thread is important.

Is forumosa the latest site where PRC operatives are spreading rumours, sowing doubt, posting (mis)information?

If so, forumosans will not be defeated! : D


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Why do you think ROC Government would want to sent foreigners to home in war time?

It would be foreigners who want to go home, or want not to come for tourism. And the ones ROC Government wants to keep here, but go home first would be so called diplomat people.

No, to oppress their rights is to sink to the level of the Communist Party. The Taiwanese are better than that.

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Exactly. Taiwanese people fought hard for the right to political freedom.

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Only have to ban PRC flag. Too many of those paid gangsters around .

Also if you haven’t noticed taiwanese weren’t even able to use their own flag in Taiwan at many events !

You should read this book:

It’s by a proper Asia-Pacific analyst, not J. Michael Cole.

He was leaked the PLA manual on the Taiwan question, and by the PLA’s own assessment it’s far from an easy task. In fact, it’s nearly impossible.

I get a kick out of reading these comments.

It’s a sign of open democracy.
Banning that sheet would be exactly like the ChiComms now banning Fa-Lun-Gong, etc. I’d rather see this stuff in the open and see what idiots support it.
Same goes with the Antifas AND the white supremacists in the U.S.
Leave it out in the open. Then you can see the idiots’ faces, and sometimes their names in the media.

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Create space independent publishing?

A Chinese invasion without a blockade?
How? All the airports will be closed.
It’s more likely they will eat us than kicking us out.

Heck, If British Army has Gurkha regiment, French Army has French Foreign Legion. ROC Army should have Forumosan regiment…


Heck yeah I bags the bazooka.