Funny Political Pictures


Still here. It’s just that the Philippines has comms infrastructure only slightly better than north Korea. Can’t even get a cellphone signal in my neck of the woods, nevermind broadband.

Incidentally, an acquaintance of mine just went to drop in on a couple of old classmates, who are in jail for murder. The only thing unusual about this scenario is that they were arrested and convicted.



“defaced” ? looks like a massive improvement, though!


Yeah, that’s a strange choice of words. I mean they literally put a face where there was no face before. If anything, they faced the star.


Interesting fundraising strategy. And who refers to themselves in the third person (aside from sleazy Taiwanese politicians)?


No no no, wait a second…it has a blue mark, which means it’s supposed to be the real account…
Are you telling me that he’s really asking for cash because Trump called him Schitt, while referring to himself in 3rd person?
I can’t be seeing this. I refuse to believe it, to the point that I’ll not even open Twitter to check if it’s true.

“Trump just attacked me, again”



You have to open Twitter in order to make a donation. Come on, don’t be stingy!


There is a lot of this going on in Bulgaria that is also pissing off the Russians


“American superheroes” -> the joker, Santa Claus, McDonald




Does the baked potato have butter and bacon bits?



Bacon and butter get sent to the cities to provide food for the middle class. Plebs get baked potatoes, and only the spuds with some green areas.


While the pic itself isn’t particularly funny, the fallout is.

Twitter’s boss went to india and decided to pose with some women and hold a sign " Smash Brahminical patriarchy" to virtue signal his strong feminist ideals, and found himself being accused of spreading hate and inciting violence.

He later apologized of course, because india is a huge market and he doesn’t want twitter’s user count and stock to drop even further.


LOL. What a complete tool. Most CEOs are pretty careful about not getting involved in political issues. But I suppose every issue is political in current year.

What’s funny about the picture is that all the women look like rich upper-class types.




Yes, it’s time to forcefully integrate this evil, racist sport!