Funny Political Pictures



I was giving someone else a chance to post that. Unlike Milker on the ,“Where is this?” thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You’ve already ruined coffee for me. What else do I have left!?!



Good thing I’m not really a tea fan…jeez!






He then deleted the tweet and proceeded to post something less retarded andmore in line with “think of the children sadface sadface”, but the interwebz remember.


He later tweeted something like “is this the kind of nation we want, one that uses tear gas on children?” To be fair, I think that was his biggest concern - but it doesn’t excuse making such a lame brain choice of words as a sitting US Senator.

Assuming that children were tear-gassed, though, an equally serious question is what kind of people would subject their children to tear gas attacks and other violence? Why are they allowed to shift their basic parental duties to the CBP and the US government? If you have children and you wish to apply for asylum, isn’t it safer for your children to go through established channels? Of course it is.

In many ways this is similar to what’s going on with Palestinians and the Israeli border. Israel is taking a beating in the world press for defending its borders in Gaza. So will the US. . Ironically, though, this kind of border violence will likely increase support for President Trump’s border wall, in one hardened form or another. Especially if we see illegal immigrants actually force their way onto US territory.


There’s a few things I really like about this photo:

This one was taken by a photographer from Reuters, who found himself next to the weapon of mass destruction while a mother is carrying her two kids to safety (and maybe the elder daughter behind her?)

Then behind her to the left there’s a kid, probably a young teenager or even younger, running away from the destructive device in direction of a photographer with his camera setup on a tripod, visible on the right of the woman.

Then in the top left corner there’s another photographer (bright green/turquoise shirt) standing right in front of a family with a young boy, running away from the grenade, and a young kid right behind them.

I then see one cradle, though on the phone I can’t tell if full or empty.

Ever other person seems to be an adult, give or take 5% of people of which i can’t recognize the shape, not particularly concerned about the weapon of mass destruction.

And yet this photographer from reuters just happened to be in front of the apparently only mother with two young kids running away from the gas. As a photographer, this really activates my almonds.

Looking forward to the touching photo of the guy with the tripod showing a kid running away from certain death.


Nice. Thanks for that, I’ve never seen this photo and I probably would never have noticed all that.

Seems a little reminiscent of the Kavanaugh hearings, where CNN “just happened” to board the same elevator as Sen. Jeff Flake and a Democrat activist who used the completely not staged and totally spontaneous opportunity to grill Flake.

Democrat media in the US has managed to pull off these kinds of shenanigans for decades. Some day soon I hope all voters in the US finally swallow the red pill and figure out how this game is played.


The mum doesn’t appear to have experienced any shortage of Coke and nachos on her gruelling trip north.

Also wondering why a 5-6 year old kid is wearing a diaper.



This poor woman is a refugee from a life of pupusas and deep-fried plantains, seeking to enter the promised land for free bariatric surgery.

The kid probably made the mistake of drinking the water in Mexico and ended up with explosive diarrhea. This is a humanitarian crisis!




Wait…I thought Diet Coke was the beverage of choice in Malaysia…


Possibly true. I’m genuinely curious what arrangements (if any) the organisers of this little adventure have made for sanitation, water, and food. A few thousand migrants must be leaving a significant trail of poo across Central America (specifically, 1.5 tonnes of it every day), no doubt spreading diseases around in the process.