Getting the 2nd shot in Taiwan for COVID-19 vaccines

Sorry, it should be 2nd doze hospitals page
and Tzuchi is already full now.

Ahh I see. A bummer…a really frustrating and depressing experience…everything is booked…guess I have to wait another week to help my friend now, but it will be even worse because more people will be booking appointments…

If it’s this bad when now I can’t imagine what it will be like in a couple of weeks…

So dang lucky…went online to check again and someone cancelled their appointment at China Medical…fastest I’ve ever typed out a form…

The confirmation page looks like crap though…looks like the website crapped itself and only spit out the text and some images…god why does web design suck so much here.


Neihu tri Services suddenly has new openings for next week:

AZ (1st or 2nd dose), Moderna (only 2nd dose)


The “Wish Registration” of the COVID-19 vaccine booking platform restarted at 2 pm yesterday. The Command Center Commander Chen Shizhong reminded today that the registration of the second dose of Modena vaccine has been opened, but the mixed vaccine vaccine has not been opened. Quick registration.

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Very rare thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after second AZD1222 dose: a global safety database analysis

AZ 是先苦後甘、莫德納是先甘後苦

Regarding side effects, AZ is difficult on the first shot, easy on the second. Moderna is easy for the first shot, and difficult on the second.

This is definitely what I’ve been hearing from many people and in this forum.

It’s been 2 weeks since my second shot and 12 since my first.

Neither vaccination is showing up in the NHI app.

Anyone else having the same problem?

if you have an ARC with the new number format,

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Thanks. I still have an old ARC number.

I wonder if there’s a backlog, because they’re entering this information manually.

OK last Update for Neihu Tri-services: I witnessed today how they topped their recent great performance. In and out in less than 10 minutes.

But what surprised me: they mentioned that the yellow card you get is only for Taiwan. If you want to travel internationally, they said you can get some other document, which costs extra… And somehow needs an appointment.

Strange. last time they mentioned that hand writing the AZ batch number into the yellow card was meant to be for international travel.

Oh, and they didn’t want to give me the 2nd sticker on the NHI card, even though I saw others got it. Well, some Taiwanese privilege is in order, it’s Taiwan after all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Interesting - do you have more information about that one? My yellow card doesn’t even have the batch number in it.

And my flight to visit home will leave in one week :sweat_smile:

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in Taipei

I want to go abroad, how do I obtain a COVID-19 vaccination certificate?

  1. If you need a vaccination certificate for studying abroad, immigration or work, you can contact the nearest 12 District Health Service Center with your identity document and health insurance card to inquire about the application, and save it in the National Vaccination Information Management System (NIIS) The vaccination record and the original vaccination record kept by the public can be used to issue a vaccination certificate. .
  2. The public can go to the Taipei City Citizen Service Platform website to apply for a vaccination certificate, or apply for a vaccination certificate in person, entrust the application, or send the application to the 12 District Health Service Center.
  3. People who want to apply for the English version of the vaccination certificate can go to the Taipei City Travel Medicine Outpatient Contract Hospital (Taipei: Taipei Mackay, National Taiwan University Hospital, Neihu No. 3 General Hospital, Wanfang Hospital, Beijing Medical University).

At Taipei Hospital

  1. Can an English version of the vaccination certificate be issued? Is there a fee?
    COVID-19 vaccination
    It cannot be opened on the day of the treatment, so please register for the home medical clinic in advance, and then ask the doctor to issue an English certificate at your own expense.
    Cost of English medical certificate: 580 yuan for the first copy (including 80 for registration fee), 20 yuan for the second copy.

WHAT STICKER??? I want a sticker!!

Don’t worry, it’s the ugly sticker that only has the date of shots. Not the cool one that everyone wants.


Did anyone get a firm date on the second shot? They just said they didn’t know when I asked the doctor and nurses. Have they been considering mixing vaccines?


You can’t be that much of a noob is you’re angling for your second shot! :upside_down_face:


I’ve got that much figured out I think. I was just hoping to get more info before I forget about it. I worry I’ll miss some deadline and not be able to travel when I need to.

Chen Shizhong, the commander of the command center, reminded this afternoon that if the second dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is currently available, and the dose has been 4 weeks away from the first dose, it should be done before 12:00 noon on August 3 Quickly complete the wish registration

The “COVID-19 Vaccine Intention Registration and Appointment System” has been reopened on July 27, and the second dose of Modena’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) vaccine will be added on July 28. The registration and settlement of willingness will end at 12:00 noon on August 3, reminding those who have received the first dose of Modena vaccine from categories 1 to 3 and pregnant women who want to register the second dose as soon as possible to protect their rights


For the elderly with a number of gaps, the need for group vaccination, the nationality without a health insurance card, and the subjects that need to be assessed by the medical institution on-site, the appointment platform and the discussion on the implementation of the vaccination will be discussed. Register or make appointments for the elderly, and groups who need to arrange for vaccination, such as institutional vaccination and future campus vaccination, a batch appointment function will be planned in the system.