Getting the 2nd shot in Taiwan for COVID-19 vaccines

I just logged into 1922 to see about the second jab and saw this under “remarks”:

I don’t see a way to continue. Does that mean I can only register for the second jab after October 5, or will I automatically get a text telling me it’s time to register at some point after October 5?

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Quick follow up: Just back from the hospital and now have the certificate. Well, basically just a piece of paper with the „diagnosis“ (Vaccine Appointment).

This time, I actually had to take weight and blood pressure.

They tried to use the NHI App to find out the vaccine batch number but it didn’t work (apparently that’s the case for most foreigners), so in the end they had to call someone.

Paid NT$952 (400$ for 2 copies, $200 each + around $300 for the consultation fee and the rest for the weight / blood pressure thing).


Jesus, that’s a bit pricey for a piece of paper. Are they trying to make up for not being able to rob people so much for the PCR tests anymore? Copies of medical records are usually something like NT$20 per page, sometimes with a minimum of NT$200 or so for certain categories.


Yeah :roll_eyes:

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Which hospital charged you that?



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That’s weird, my record is in both Chinese and English already

Should be free.

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What’s the anticipated problem with the regular yellow vaccination card everybody gets anyway? Are other countries doing this differently?

I don’t remember ever owning a vaccination record from the UK, at least in my adult life, but the yellow card didn’t seem that different from the yellow vaccination booklet I got in Germany a few years ago.

So they did get them. Yeah, it looks official and already has English. The only problem I see is that my health number and ID number are now different, but I’d assume it will be fine if I also have my health card.

Did you guys pay anything for the shot? They never asked me for anything, but it’s possible my school had already paid.

Nah, should be free. Quite a few of us here paid NT$400-600 for the first shot under the former self-paid scheme, but not for the second. Don’t know whether anyone has had the balls/ovaries to ask for a refund for that. :grin:


Gotcha, so not even the usual co-pay.

Posted earlier already. National Taipei University Hospital. Taipei Medical University Hospital.

The yellow card doesn’t show the vaccine batch number. Shouldn’t strictly be required - but better safe than sorry in this case

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I should clarify here before @SuperS54 chips in again that the vaccine was “free”, that the NT$400-600 was nominally for the hospital fees rather than the vaccine itself.

So I’ll rephrase - I went into the hospital to get vaccinated, and came out NT$600 poorer after my free vaccine. :grin:


This is not a thing. :rofl:


Thanks, I suspected that. Although some people here have actually said that their cards did contain the batch number (I think it was @olm, but I might be wrong).

Mine has the batch number also.

Ah, damn it - somehow I never get their name right. Edited. :whistle:

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Yep, they asked me on the 2nd shot if I wanted to travel internationally, and when I said yes they added the batch numbers for both shots to the yellow card.

A week later for someone else they didn’t ask and didn’t add. But they told me the yellow card is only for Taiwan, for international travel I need something else.


I wonder what else they could mean? :thinking:
That expensive piece of paper I received looks even less official than the yellow card.

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Hopefully after fully vaccinated we can get a stamp or something on our passport to avoid this nonsense.

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