Good English-speaking hairdresser or barber in Taipei?

Hey i’m looking for a salon that has English Speaking workers.

I haven’t worried about going to a salon with No English before. But i’m looking at getting a wave perm put into my hair, and that worries me. A cut will always grow back, but your now messing with a image/structure of the hair.

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Try Diane, she has many satisifed customers, both Taiwanese and westerners. We lived in the US for a while so she speaks good English, and she also worked as hair dresser full time for over 4 years in Sweden (speaks good Swedish, too), so she knows western hair and hair styles. She also worked in Hong Kong for a short time.

She’s conveniently located in the middle of Taipei, just 3 minutes walk behind SOGO towards Civic Blvd. By MRT, get off at the Zhongxiao / Fuxing station on the blue line, taking the SOGO exit (4). There’s a (bad, I drew it) map on her web-site (see below), but basically you walk in the direction of Dunhua for about a hundred meters until you hit Da’an Rd. Turn left on Da’an towards Civic Blvd. Pass a 7-11 on your right hand side. The last lane on the same side as the 7-11 before you get to the Family Mart convenience store (which is on the opposite side of Da’an) is lane 31. Turn right into that lane and you’ll find Diane about a hundred meters down, on your right hand side just before the intersection.

Phone: 2778 4733
Address: Da’an Rd., Sec. 1, Ln. 31, No. 31, 2Fl.

She prefers time appointments to just dropping by, so give her a call. She’s open till 8 pm Wednesday through Sunday (Mondays and Tuesdays off).

You could also go and see William, a hair stylist from France. I personally prefer his haircuts and coloring, but that’s not to say everyone does.

Tel. 87736282 /0935-270706
No13-1, Alley 2, Lane 345, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd. Taipei

you could also try Eddie, friendly guy, definitely the best of the bunch on this page-he’s Malaysian, got experience and training in London, and now is so well known and respected in TW he teaches large groups of stylists all around the island-as well as leading a group of ‘stylists’ yearly to the London Hair ‘Exhibition’ (or something)

Chungsiao-Fuhshing corner, ph 0932-322-843

M & M Hair Salon-their new modern place…he has lots of foreign customers, too

costs NT$900-1000 for cut and wash

my canadian friend was a hairdresser in vancouver for 10 years and London for 2, comes up from Taizhong every weekend. she’s great and I have all my friends going to her. not sure it she does perms but she does great color and cuts, and way more reasonably priced than william.

most of my friends and I have naturally curly hair that has more often than not been botched by taiwanese hairdressers weilding razor blades. shudder

anyway, if you want her number, PM me.

William is good, styles very well. He is not any more expensive than other local stylists that have their own salon. The chains may be half the price but :frowning: from extensive experience with local stylists, price is absolutely not an indication of their skill to work with fine, naturally curly hair. :cry: Language is not the problem either.

Paul in Tian Mu at Q also cuts very well. Did not like smelling the smoke that would seep in from his smoking area though. Does anyone know if he is still in TianMu?

I understand, William and Paul are the only two foreigners who have shops in Taipei area.

Diane’s is where I always go and I am extremely picky about hair stylists. I have been to too many that are not qualified and had some bad experiences. I use to pay a lot of money in Taipei to try all the top salons. Maybe the first time they cut your hair they did a good job, then the second time the quality went down.

Diane’s English is perfect and she is really cool too. She even use to cut hair at the American Club. A lot of other Forumosan’s go to Diane’s as well.

we go to George down at the filipino village. he is really experience and does not charge over 300NT for a nice hair cut.

you can call his Adam & Eve Hair Salon at 2594-7976 or 0926-342-400 or just go straight to his salon down at No. 25 Chung San N. Rd. Sec. 3 Suite #228 & 230 2nd Flr. Tpe.

Snowdragon - Paul is still in Tienmu and still cutting hair very well & I haven’t noticed any smoke or smoke smells when I’ve been there.

If you want his contact details, they are - Q Britannia - 2875 1035.

For the orginal enquirer - I know that in addition to Paul at Q Britannia who is very popular, a lot of people go to George Pai’s on Tienmu East Road. There number is 2871 1515.

Good luck finding someone you like.

This is extremely awesome. I just flew into Taipei last thursday and some friend forwarded me this website to find places to go in taipei. I need a hair cut and this post is just great…I am just wondering how they usually charge here?

I tried going to William when my hair was still natural and he asked me to come back the next day (I never made it and I haven’t had the spare money to a style since), but aside from him, and even he seemed a little sketchy about doing it, are there really truly any stylists who do black hair?

ImaniOU wrote: “…are there really truly any stylists who do black hair?”

Emphasis is mine…to find a true stylist…someone who makes your hairstyle “yours” is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack and that comes from someone with fine, natural curly hair. I have paid top dollar and gone to 200NT places and have left with varying degrees of dissatisfaction. :fume: :fume: Language is not the problem. In the States, I NEVER had a problem with getting a good to great hair cut.

So ImaniOU to find someone who knows black hair care is impossible, I am sure!.

I really do not think good stylists exist here… :frowning: if only I looked good in long hair…or short or really short hair… :frowning:

I’ve given up looking for a place at which I can be sure to get a, “normal,” haircut.
In fact, I now do the happy dance after getting a haircut that doesn’t leave me looking like a Crew-Cut Elvis or Elvis Costello on a bad hair day.
The most agrivating thing, is when they try to give me a, “Beckham.”
This being, because my head is round and not oval like his.
Wish I could find a good shop for baseball caps too… :unamused:

I’m trying to find a hair salon that’s speaks at least some English and can hightlight blonde hair. Charlotte[/list]


This is [url= topic you’re looking for[/url].

Just wanted to bump this…went to see him early March for a good cut, better than what I wanted, no stress or confusion. Compared to my first year of communication disasters in various hair salons, chatting in English to one of Taipei’s best cutters for a decent price while getting a cut that holds a cool shape for 2 months is a great idea. :sunglasses:

went to see william recently.
he cut my hair really well, but i wasn’t at all happy with the colour that he did. i would recommend that you DON’T go to him for a colour.

I have to disagree with gcat - William has colored my hair for at least 5 years now, and I have been happy with every cut and color.

Where can I get a decent american styled haircut?
I’m talking like short cleancut hair, for a guy.

I’ve been to dozen places in taipei, and they only freakin know how to cut long hair local style. When you tell them to cut it short, they freakin butcher your hair. and they don’t know how to use clippers.

Please help.

[quote=“aceman”]Where can I get a decent American styled haircut?
I’m talking like short cleancut hair, for a guy.

I’ve been to dozen places in Taipei, and they only freakin know how to cut long hair local style. When you tell them to cut it short, they freakin butcher your hair. and they don’t know how to use clippers.

Please help.[/quote]

Hi, check Eddie out if the price is ok, I’ve already described why…but for you I’ll say it again…he can cut exactly the western style you want and has fluent English. He has both men/women western customers.

Ok, enough of the promo! :wink: