Hard to find things in common with Taiwanese girls

Nobody should be pressured into doing something they don’t want to do, but…

While Taiwan could be considered fairly conservative culturally in many respects, it’s not super religious either. When it comes to sex, women aren’t chasing men down in the streets, but I don’t have the sense that women have many hangups about jumping into the sack before marriage. To the contrary, I think that’s the norm.

I could imagine that for a lot of young Taiwanese women, especially in the major cities, a man who took them out on a bunch of dates and didn’t try to escalate to the bedroom would be seen as a bit of an oddball, and not in a good way. I’d guess some of them might wonder if the guy was gay, had some sort of health or emotional issues, etc.

So to the extent that a guy here is looking to date, the intent not to have sex before marriage is probably something that should be disclosed fairly early on. My guess is that this would substantially reduce the OP’s dating pool but if he’s willing to lavish dates with expensive meals and experiences with no expectation of sex in return, he’ll no doubt have success at being a friend with (financial) benefits.


Dude, what were you thinking?!? :laughing:

I wanted to ski.


I’m betting she’s cured you of that by now.

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No. She’s happy with me going skiing with my daughter, but we can’t now. How much would I like to be in Japan this CNY.

After just 3 days I got my then 8 year old kid half way down a black run.

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That’s the way to do it…get the kid on your side. :+1:


That might depend on why it was only half the black run!?

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She was beginning to struggle, so we pulled off onto a red.


I’m a decent boy, please don’t look at me with those eyes…


Great term.

This. You would come across as not “man enough”. UNLESS you really spend time laying out the religious reasoning for your stance, and even then this would only appeal to a select few.

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I like your name ‘Deca’ :slight_smile:

You’d think so, but I’ve found that a surprisingly (to me anyway) large number of people, both male and female, are for practical purposes basically asexual. They’re not really prudes, but they just can’t bother getting excited about sex. If it was a deal breaker to their significant other, they would probably have sex with them without too much fuss, but they’d just be doing it to please their partner, not out of any desire on their part.


Yeah, sex drives vary but no sex at all during the honeymoon phase of a relationship?

If you’re a man who says he wants to get married and start a family, and you’re dating a woman who says she wants the same, it’s bound to raise a few red flags if the man stops at hand-holding in the living room section at Ikea.


For some people yes, for others not so much.

Reminds you of a faucet?

Reminds me some supplement for workout :slight_smile:

Well, if I was a woman who wanted to start a family, I’d be concerned if I couldn’t verify that the babymaker was working before I committed.

It’s not the babymaker, it’s the insertion device. :laughing:

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You’re free to use a more passive naming convention if you think that more accurately describes your experience with it.