Hard to find things in common with Taiwanese girls

He’s waiting for Roosh V’s seminal works to be translated into Chinese.

Oh, so it is something serious wrong with him.


Look at how they placed the image :laughing:
I wonder if there is any hidden meaning in it.

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Not to quote myself but this gal is very pretty

good call!

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Sex is sex
Relationship is relationship
Sometimes the two meet

Women : sex = relationship. And relationship = relationship . Sex is not a given

Men : relationship = sex and sex = sex
And relationship is not a given


I feel for you, bro. :grin:


It means the couple is here

Sure, reacharounds are a given :whistle:

Bros helping bros…it’s a fine American tradition. We don’t have enough sheep to go around.

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I was expecting to get the 10-like-badge for this crass joke, but instead I got it for a fake lecture on good writing. Surprisingly classy, Forumosa.