Have You Ever

Saw this online and thought it might be fun.


That list misses a lot of sex related topics ^^

BTW, 20x yes for me :face_with_monocle:

Been in a physical altercation?
Been suspended from school?

I did this so many times over I spent more time in in-school-suspension than I did in class for like two months of my sophomore year in high school.

Never let a disgruntled student figure out that her scores on the state standardized tests and other academic achievements contribute to keeping your entire backwater school district afloat. She gets drunk on the power of knowing she can’t be expelled no matter who she fights or what she vandalizes.


19 yeses for me

So opposite of this?

How about for women? :grin:

27 for me.


Corrected :joy:

27 huh, you are showing your true self


Wait…what? Getting higher marks gets MORE money for the schools?

I don’t really understand how it worked, but apparently my scores and the competitions I won for the school were so important to whatever bureaucratic shit was going on that they called my mother to ensure that I’d be present for testing. She never should’ve made me privy to that bit of info, but she couldn’t have known it would prompt me to begin verbally abusing teachers and destroying school property.

I imagine I was not the only one they needed present, but as it was a small school full of dumb yokels, every high score counted for keeping the district relevant.


Fuckin bungee jumping screws me out of a perfect score AGAIN…

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I’m sure that one’s on your bucket list.

There’s a bucket on my bucket list

24x yes for me…


I’m sure that just sitting there licking your butt while the School Psychologist interviewed you probably didn’t help…

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Now I’m picturing @tando in a Catholic school uniform. :smile:

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@tando, you can call fuckin HR on his ass for that, you know

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You are supposed to do it this way. :roll_eyes:


Lying to her about having suicidal ideations didn’t help, either. But it kept me out of class for a few days.