Have you had COVID?

respectfully disagree. data is just data. a written form of an occurence. it is not sentient and has no intentions. the people using certainly do!

as an example. the woman that died in the covid hotel from a fire counted as a covid death.
the raw data is that she died from the fire (I presume smoke inhalation, but didn’t check). she had covid. that is the data. the human lies that aim to manipulate other people is that she died from covid. that is not the data, that is simply a lie.


:pray: Much appreciated.

Not had COVID yet and neither has any of my family back in the UK. One of my friends who has had lifelong heart problems got Omicron but he’s still alive and kicking.
I know some people in Taiwan who have had it,.none of them family, just people I know from work. I also don’t know or heard of anyone who has died from or with COVID.


nah, just back in january actually. but yeah i was takin the piss.

I’ve had covid and I don’t know which one is my option in this poll.

My dad had it. Asymptomatic. It’s been through my sisters house twice. She got it both times (unvaccinated) and her husband didnt get it either time (vaccinated). Their four kids… 2 got it each time.

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My impression is Covid-19 has followed the same arc as the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu was much more lethal of course but the pattern appears to be the same. The early variants were the most lethal and the bodies piled up. After about two years of mayhem, less lethal but more contagious variants - both factors beneficial to the virus - displaced the earlier variants and the diseases just became entrenched, recurring annoyances for the vast majority of people.

Had it in April, mild symptoms (Headache, fever, sore throat) and was largely fine after a few days.

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to expand on this. We had this documentary playing at work today. I thought this quote was a good way of describing it. with the addition that “facts” will change as we have more unadulterated data feeding into research.

My answer to the question of […enter whatever example you like here…] is, I’m afraid, I don’t know.

The great thing about being a scientist, and not a politician is, I’m not required to have an opinion on anything. I’m only required to be able to tell you what the facts tell us.

-Prof. Chris Tinney

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You set the poll up where people could make more than one choice.

Yes, I just noticed the other day. I clicked the default settings and didn’t realise it allowed two possible choices per vote. Not much point changing it now.

Anyway, seems like we’re almost spot-on 50% “never had COVID” out of 56 people. We’ve got some respondent bias, I guess, but it’s interesting all the same.

We appear to have had four people who were very ill. Wonder who they were and what happened …

I wish one of you sent me a positive test…

3% of 58 people is right around the fatality rate for vaccinated. Maybe bad news?

Or rather, that we haven’t tested positive or had convincing symptoms. I have no idea whether I’ve had it, and only tested once as a precaution before visiting my aging parents. A total of 50% who’ve either not had it or not noticed they had it seems pretty unremarkable to me, from what I understand about the rates of symptoms.