Hitron Modem

Hi there, I recently set up a Taiwan Broadband connection and my modem seems to be missing the Bridge Mode or Residential Gateway feature as Hitron calls it.

What it’s supposed to look like:

Anyone know how to get the feature back?

Also, has anyone tried using third party modems? The one they gave me has an Intel Puma 6 chipset which is defective.

I’m going to lose my mind with this.

What ISP do you use? Hinet? Or someone else?

I was under the impression you use modems they provide. If it’s defective you call them and they come over and replace it.

No no. I just had it installed right now. But it uses the defective Intel Puma Chipset as one of its problems and the latency spikes are noticeable. It’s Cable. Taiwan Broadband.

The two issues are, it has the Intel Puma chipset, which are flawed.

And it is missing Bridge Mode, of which when I was on Taiwan Broadband 5 years ago, the modem then had it. I’m pissed. I hate modem router combos.

I can’t tell you what to do with it your situation. But maybe describing my experience can help you get what you want.

I have DSL with Hinet. They also provide a shitty router. The username / password they provide is a limited account. For the admin account they have a different login credentials. Only the technicians are supposed to know them. Previously those were leaked online. I was able to dump the config. From the file I extracted to DSL line dial-in credentials.

When using my own state of the art hardware I ran into issues. The DSL would drop out and had to sync up again quite often. I blame it to a non standard DSL protocol usage to keep out competition for Zyxel.
I had to go back to Zyxel router, but now I just use it to sync to dsl line. I PPPoE own connection to Hinet and can set up my home network how I want, with SIP phone line etc.

Time for a change? If you live in Taipei City, I recommend Taipei Fiber… its the only company besides CHT that has its own backbone and it is true fiber, non of that Coxial or VDSL crap. Cheaper than CHT too…

…The guy just set it up yesterday…

I don’t live in Taipei city anyways.

Don’t you have like a week or two to regret your decision? Tell them their service is bad and cancel that contract.

And when you use CHT MOD?

Switch to BBTV? you pay like 2,000 for 2 years… nothing worth watching on Taiwanese TV anyways lol

I’m fine with the speeds, but Taipei Fibre is $1140/m according to their site. The issue is the modem. It has latency issues dealing with the Intel Puma 6 Chipset as well as removed functionality bridge mode. If I am allowed to use my own modem, I’ll buy one since the 120 mbps is only $499. I’m just curious to know if anyone has tried alternate modem hardware with Taiwan Broadband.

I think those prices are not real, I used to pay 588 for 100 Mbps symmetric and now 788 for 300 Mbps. I renewed the contract like 2 months ago and they even gave a Wi-Fi router for free.

Their modems support bridge mode btw.

Is it Taipei City only?

Unfortunately, yes.
It is subsidized by the Taipei City government and managed by Taifo. That is why it is cheaper and how they got the permits and money to make their own backbone.

Unfortunately I am Danshuinian.

I think bridge mode is under LAN setup. It shouldn’t be under Gateway Function.

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I’ll check again tonight but it (iirc) wasn’t in the front page either.

Get a screenshot of your LAN Setup page and let’s see if they’ve changed things.

Will do.

I’m using Hinet 100M but haven’t really noticed any issues that I can detect. But I just download stuff from bittorrent and play online games every now and then. But not much lately since I’m low on money.

I played FFXIV even on North American servers and hadn’t have any issues. Sometimes I do have to reboot the modems when lags start creeping up. It’s not like I can do anything with CHT’s modems anyways because it doesn’t let me do much.

That’s Hinet. It’s not the same.