Honduras Migrants on their way


The migrants are from Central America .


I wonder if that may be the reason why I posted the helicopter ride pic…

really activates your almonds


Not sure. Maybe you should ask @Brianjones?


“What’s a pinochet a kind of wine?”

Nah, I’m good.


If you think celebrating torture and assassination is fine well…that’s your problem.
One day it just might be you. Your kid.


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You guys need to visit Chile. The cost of “development” and “being teh best in the region” is rather high. Lost of people trampled to pave teh road, to make way for large conglomerates and large land ownes to take control. Bad work conditions ignored…sounds familiar, right? Communism Chinese style in practice, but under a different banner, with less profits, but still the same ticking bomb below.

Ask venezuela how rich they were. And why they embraced the pied piper Chaves.


Of course. Because things were going so well before.


If they’re proud enough of their country to march with the Honduran flag, aren’t they marching in the wrong direction?


Chile has Lithium in huge quantities. Potential to be rich …if they don’t steal the money.


only MSM show people marching every time. Would take months. Lot of trucks helping people move faster.


:point_up_2: Mexico’s topography.
over 1000 miles at the shortest. infantry can maybe march 25 miles a day. do the math.


25 miles a day, 100 miles in 4 days, 1000 miles in…day before midterms! yay.


so, did they bring machetes for the coastal route or water for the desert route?
maybe there’s watering stations like in a marathon race.


…which ia being depleted by China…And you do not want to know what the cost of getting lithium is.


Because the US supported the banana barons, the drug barons, the civil war…There is a pattern here. If there is a fire, do not add gasoline.


France not long ago was occupied by Germany, they’re doing ok now.
Italy had the dictator hung in a public square while his wife was raped by the mob, they’re doing ok now.
Germany lost two wars and got rekt by international sanctions for decades, they’re doing ok now.
Japan lost a war and was nuked twice, they’re doing ok now.
The Ussr became a failed state not long ago, they’re doing ok now (maybe less so than others, but still)

I know the definition of “doing ok” isn’t the same for everyone and some countries are doing more ok than others, but I don’t see the validity of the argument :“country X would be doing ok but the cia did something bad 40 years ago”.

Regarding the caravan, I’ve seen many photos of injured Mexican officials, looks like the caravan of peace is doing good.


40, 20, 10, 5 … who´s counting.

There shouldn´t be any complains from the current administration, as they have risen in polls by drawing the proverbial sacrificial lamb. Or dead horse.

Again, caravans have been going up North since the wars. There were special provisions set. The first time they kicked people out we got the maras. I fear for what we will get this time.


Honestly idk what is the best solution. I just know they have to do the leg work. If they aren’t willing to the leg work for fixing their problems, another country coming in to do it won’t solve the problem. They’ll just go stright back to where they were or worse. Countries that figured it out take pride even if it’s not their generation that made that sacrifice. Americans, Italians, French, even Taiwan all take pride in forming republics and democratizing and such. They will never feel this and make their countries better if they don’t do it themselves. The best the US or another country can do is offer support.


Yep Look at Singapore 60 years ago… Poorer than most of these countries in Latin America. They had almost no land, No Fresh Water(needed to import from Malaysia) No natural resources. A mosquito/malaria ridden swamp thats war torn from Japanese occupation following British Colonial rule. Enemies on all saide and then Malaysia kicked them out. It took a lot of hard work and cleaning up corruption/educating the population and getting rid of Tribal mentality. Then had to integrate a very diverse population in a fair way for an ethnically/religious diverse country. They had every right to blame the British Colonizers and just play victum and if Singapore remained a poor backwaters country that just blamed the Japanese and Brits it would have made some sense. But they worked hard and turned the country around to one of the richest, safest, among the least corrupt govts in the world using no natural resources other than their population.