Hot sauce, do I need to stock up?

I’ve had trouble finding Tobasco lately, mostly at Carrefour and PX. I prefer Franks, but my wife uses Tobasco for something. I finally got a couple large bottles at Costco. I can only find Jalepeno Tabasco at Jason’s. I can’t find Jalepeno Heinz ketchup, either.

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This one is good, costs a bit more but lasts a while so I guess its ok. I think it is from Taitung, I found lots nice foods from there, even a nice Pesto.


The Jason’s in Tianmu has the full lineup of normal Tabasco…regular, chipotle, jalapeño, and habenero. I haven’t seen scorpion Tabasco, which is the main one I use…I get them on Amazon.

You just aint right…

Is the scorpion tovasco actually hot like other scorpion sauces? I find tobasco weak, but i NEVER put anything like scorpion in my mouth so no idea. Didnt know that brand had so many recipes.

Yes. It’s not as hot as most scorpion sauces I’ve used, but definitely really hot. If I put too much into a dish, it can become almost inedible.

Me too. It’s simply not spicy to me. The jalapeño tobasco to me is worthless as like most tobasco it doesn’t have much flavor, and it’s even weaker than the normal, largely bite-less tobasco.

The Habanero Tobasco actually has a little bit of a kick to it. If you think jalapeños aren’t really spicy but still cringe at scorpion, it is a good option.

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In my opinion, habanero is easily the best all around chili going. Too hot for me, but the aromatics of them are next to godly.

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Has anyone tried the hot sauce from burger talk? Supposedly it is 1M scoville

on a burger yes, seems this one is more hot (NameL 天下第一辣), they claim it’s world’s hottest. Its local, like Southern,

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Hot sauce is great, sure, and I’m well stocked. But what is in that sauce they have at the famous goat soup place at the Luodong Night Market? That’s what we all want to know.

No purchases in the last 6 month makes me a little hesitant to try it…

Yes…I use it primarily in Indian food.

Is it really that spicy or is the 1M scoville exaggeration?

I never trust too much in the scoville descriptions…I see them merely as a general indication that they are hot. This is damn hot. A half a tablespoon in a bowl of noodles is enough to make it difficult for me to eat, and I love spicy food.

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Agreed. Its a general advisory. Show the lab results for the chemical levels and we can talk. But no one is spending that money. Its damn hot. Youve been warned. Thats good enough for me haha.

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I need your opinion:

Should I?

It depends. On a logical level, there is no need for a sauce that hot at that price: you can achieve similar amounts of pain for far cheaper. But if you are a connoisseur and get enjoyment of seeking out such things, and money is not scarce in your life, by all means give it a try and let us know. I might have to seek it out someday myself.

I will get a bottle as soon as I am done with the 4 bottles of empress I bought. Hopefully it isn’t so hot that I end up throwing it away. But in the last year, seems like my tolerance for hot stuff has gone up quite a bit to where nothing seems spicy anymore. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I had covid.

The price is what is putting me off atm. In fact this is just a novelty item. I eat Da Bomb semi regularly and I doubt it will make a big difference in terms of burning. But maybe it tastes good and provides an alternative to the bomb.

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When asked above about Scoville units, I actually thought of Da Bomb. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is listed at about 156k, but to me it is far hotter than the Scorpion Tabasco, which is listed at 2 million. 3-4 drops of Da Bomb is enough for me for a bowl of soup to make me sweat by the end, and I need at least 4 times that with Scorpion Tabasco. Endorphin Rush is listed between 250k-1million, yet is to my tongue hotter than Scorpion Tabasco and not as hot as Da Bomb. In the end, they are all friggin’ hot, and none of them has overwhelming flavor (though Scorpion Tabasco is more vinegary). There is some fun in testing the ultra hot sauces, but I rarely find too much flavor. The Ghost Pepper from Burger Talks is the exception as it both burns like the dickens and has a good taste that can augment food flavor beyond the burn.


Ghost and habs are surely some of the best tasting hotpeppers around.

Windering.if anyone wants to go into the weeds on human enetics, perhaps race, and how differebt pepper varieties, especially species, react differently to different people.

I find it fascinatingthat the typical cayenne and birds eye types here taiwanese can get used to. But eat a jalapeno and thye feel its hotter. Have noticed this over the years with quite afew people. Anyone else notice this? Birds eye is about 8~10x hotter if we follow scoville norms. I sincerely think that the taiwanese tongue is different to my white north american tongue in certain ways of perception.