How the heck do I turn off automatic updates? Windows 10

Not against that. But they install other things too without the option of saying yes or now which has caused my office squite to be locked twice…in a mknth or 2. Beyond frustrating. They fix it, but its an hour drive each way for me to see a computer shop and thats if i can waste time away from work. I have not been able to use excell for over a week now…this happens seemingly every big update. Who knows what else they are looking at or installing. No choice is always a red flag.

On the flip side, none of that stuff that i buy is made in china. There are likely components made tgere but thungs like phones and computers there are brands that are 100% not made there.

My most likely guilty hypocrisy is when we fix our car or acooter, we are at the mercy of the mechanic, and everytime i press them they explain why the taiwan components have changed and more often than not tend to be shit. I still buy them when i can convince the nechanic.

But clothes, food, electronics etc is still easy to find not made in china.

Though in some cases like phones i buy second hand now because all the phibes not made in china they did that RETARDED move of not being able to remove the battery. A truly terrible move, so instead.of giving the ccp my money i just buy used phones.

Well that shouldn’t happen with just updates. Are you using legal software? What do you mean by “locked” and cannot use. Why can’t you use it? What happens ?

Ya, i went to the store that i bought the computer (one of those 3c franchises island wide). It lets me loolook but locks all the toolbars/buttons so i cant edit. I got there, they re enter the key and do something else on the phone…and it works. When i enter the key at home it doesnt work.

That’s because the software is not genuine. For genuine software you don’t need to key in due to windows updates.

Your problem lies there not with windows updates.

Well fuck. I paid full price from a retail store…4k for 1 year subscription, which is frankly offensive.

So,you think the store is selling customers pirated stuff? Not cool.

At the same time it is still the windows updates scanning my computer shutting thigns off, which is equally not cool, regardless if they are only currently sgutting off programs they made.

every pc on activation gets assigned a unique idea, so if you delete windows, format your hard disk and reinstall - it’s all fine. If you change too many parts however at once, you need to activate again. if you need to activate again without just before having changed parts (e.g. your power supply broke and destroyed your hard disk and graphic card or CPU - but rest is fine, you need to activate again. Mainboard change also = reactivate.)

You can try the activation tools and see if that’s really your problem. If it is, you should go back to the store and complain.

This is a new (this year) computer. Seems to be woking just fine. The only 2 issues i ever have is the office issues (which the store corrects, but it wastes my time) and windows 10 is bow giving me this message. I just close it, but its giving me anxiety thinking im about to be blue screened again.

Maybe that store put the generic windows 10 pro key instead of home. Generic key is fine if it’s the right one

Top left of the pic says windows 10 home though, i assume it couldnt be pro?

By the way, if you don’t use office heavily, you can use the online versions for free. For most causal users, they’re fully featured.

In any case, you shouldn’t be having a problem with genuine software. Looks like you got gipped here. Either that or the store techs are too incompetent to input a genuine unused activation key.

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Just use the Microsoft Toolkit linked above. It will solve all your issues.

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Will try the toolkit and online when i get back home. Sales being idiots wouldnt surprise me at all. I will make a stink next week when i go to the city. Thanks for the toolkit suggestion. Will try it ou properly soon

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