How to get rid of a huntsman spider

And last night I saw the first one of the season…sigh…

It was in the kitchen. I kept my cool and opened the door to the back balcony. She stepped out. All was well and I was congratulating myself until I remembered…my laundry. Now it is hostage to the spider.


You must offer up your firstborn…

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Honestly I bet she’s long gone. Probably zoomed away in a matter of seconds.

It is probably nesting very cozily in my clean laundry. There was a pile I was supposed to get indoors…


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How come your cat didn’t eat it?

I found a dead huntsman in my Costco bag when I was getting ready to put in my groceries at Costco. I think the cat put it there

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Keep it around. They eat cockroaches. They like to lurk in dark, untrafficked places like under your refrigerator.

Ours, named Boris, lived under the kitchen counter. No cockroaches in the house with him around. Unfortunately, I found his dead body the other day.


I let jumping spiders hang out by my windowsill. They scare the shit out of me occasionally when I go to water my plants but they do good work keeping the area free of bugs.

Not sure I could live with a huntsman, though…

I woke up once in Australia with a couple of huntsman on me, one tickling my chin and the other on my chest, which caused a bit of a phobia in spiders for a while, each one was pretty big.

We get about a dozen LaYa type huntsmen in the house a year. Unfortunately we can’t B@B them all, so inside the house and we do have a couple of nets but usually it’s a sandal.

Because in part they are really fast, they can jump at least a foot a foot and a half up a wall and I have had one or two disappear in my work room, knowing there are there but hiding for a couple of weeks only to reappear cm’s away.

Cats will get them before you know they are there though.

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There’s also a real good chance it’s a Wolf spider

rather than a hunstman.

I’ve had loads of Wolfers in my gaff, never seen a hunstman.

Not really.

The many genera of wolf spiders range in body size (legs not included) from less than 10 to 35 mm (0.4 to 1.38 in)

My thumb end to my pinky end I guess is 6 inches or so. if something is as big as my hand it’s not some 0.4 to 1.38 inches.

Besides the ones in Australia were dark black. The ones here, which can be as big, don’t have as big a body.

Told you. They show affection like humans. They give you presents.

And the difference is…?

This one is small, not plate size, maybe body is 50NTD coin size and the legs are long, like handspan.

You mean like this?



We had one do the hide under the clock rock at the office once…

There’s one next to my bedroom window now. Trying to decide whether or not to kill it

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I get them a fair bit (10 or so a year), if you go to kill make sure you get it, they are super fast and will hide for a week or so. Had one in my computer room I missed and emerged after a week right in front of the monitor.

Sorry, although killing them may hurt some peoples sensibilities, this isn’t a house to breed spiders and they are everywhere around here.

Sledgehammer gets the job done.

I hope your walls are strong, though


I would love a better way, they are speedy and can jump a good foot up the wall. Although when they do that they dont seem to get traction.

Had the remnants of one left by my two cats as I was cleaning legs off the floor this morning and one more on the outside door that died from natural causes perhaps.

Cats… They get rid of their food so further dissuade them from coming here in the first place.