How to get rid of a huntsman spider

I used about half a can of cockroach spray on it. Maybe I’ll get a salt gun for next time, supposedly they are good.

I was gonna hit it with a towel but i was worried it would take it off of me


I go with a slipper, if I get it , its quick and if I miss it, it emerges a week later and I try again.

Although these days cats seem to get them before I notice them.

Naughty things must eat the body and the legs are always scattered.

It was on a curtain tho. Not sure if a slipper could’ve got it properly.

I was also too scared to go within slippering distance

cockroach spray will not work on them. They are somehow resistant to bug spray.

Salt guns won’t work, it’s too large. You need one of these:


If your pistol skill is poor then this

Accepts 30 freedoms capacity magazine…

Haha the cockroach spray did work eventually. Defo took longer than I’d like tho

I read online that using a compressed air can upside down will freeze pretty much any creepy crawly you shoot it at

Same thing happened to my dad when we lived in Adelaide. Woke up with one on his face.

In Thailand you can buy dead spiders in frames. A mate and I bought a tarantula one and put it on a buddy’s pillow…good times

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We have some eagles around here, I’ve been meaning to try and get a picture of what they are but they are massive. They do the rounds most days.

But one day I was looking after a family bird, very common here but mimics sound well, and is unappreciative of everything, biting your hand as you try to feed it and then doing a dance as you hold your hand in pain after being bitten.

So it was a nice day, I put the bird out on the balcony her cage was probably a meter high. I am working on something and the bird starts freaking out, I go to see and the eagle (I think) is on the balcony looking right in. At least 2/3 the height and maybe as wide.

Open the door and expected the thing to fly off and it just looks at me as if to say “who are you” very surprised, flapped my arms and it took off.

Read up about spiders, watch YouTube videos about them. Arming myself with knowledge about them has converted me from an automatic killer of spiders to just letting them be. You might be surprised, like I was, how much you can handle and maybe even find them interesting. Maybe.