How to know if I'm dating with a Taiwanese girl?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering what differences there are in going on a date with a Taiwanese girl compared to a Western girl. Is hanging out as a couple considered a date for Taiwanese?
Even if I’ve knew this girl recently?

PS: I live outside Taiwan


Read this posting.


That was a lot of scrolling just to see how the ‘date’ went.


Definitely a good question! The line between hanging out and an actual date can be a bit blurry, right? It really depends on the vibe and how things unfold. Did you get any signs during your time together that she might be interested romantically, or is it more of a friendly connection?

In the early stages, spending time together is often more of a casual, getting-to-know-each-other kind of thing. It’s like dipping your toes in the water before diving into a full-on date scenario.

If you’re feeling a connection and want to explore it further, why not ask her to hang out again? Sometimes a bit more time together can give you a clearer picture of where things might be headed.

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TL;DR We hung out but the when I mentioned a “date” it set off alarm bells and she declined. We’re friends now, and we’ve talked more in the last few days than in all the months prior. My thick skull doesn’t understand what caused her to change, but that’s the current state of affairs :slight_smile:

There’s your problem right there. You’re trying to understand women.




I’m thinking there will be “the talk” as they treat dates far more seriously.

I suggest having that talk, as in don’t beat around the bush and have all kinds of guesses and stuff. Ask her if she’s interested in you or is interested in just as a “friend”. If you aren’t compatible you aren’t compatible. Don’t change yourself to become her type because it won’t work and it’s not good for you.


I have met women who asked me out on a date but then told me it wasnt a date but just a hangout. I have met the ones who told me to “hang out” and after that night texted me that the “date wasnt good”. I have met women who kissed me after the “date” and then would never text back. I have met women who tells me they dont know what a “date” means but in their mind they absolutely do.
The point is that , women would always suprise you. Dont try to make sense of it. Whats important that you tell the women whats “exactly” your feelings are. Ask for what u want and if she give u that then great. If she dont then dont waste time. Dont be ambiguous otherwise she will have the freedom to do whatever she wants and then u cant blame her for it.


Once you move beyond basic missionary then it’s a steady date.


just my personal experience and no don’t apply to yourself as everyone’s mileage varies and each pairing can be so different.

basically it’s a mine field and it’s a do it and die or don’t do it and die situ all the time

nothing is right, almost everything is wrong unless proven right which may also later become wrong.

for myself what has been is that i find myself out alone with a girl. Or the first time she brings a friend but later comes out alone. its a good sign when she sets up the second tete a tete without you asking . and then if you find yourself spending most of the week together you are probably on the road to BF/GF.

I do find that the best is NOT to share your “love” for her because that often gives her thought as to what else is out there now that YOU are conquered. Once she has YOU she starts to second guess herself and starts to pay attention to what else is available. So for myself I think its best to keep your “love” implied but not spoken.

the whole GF/BF thing is best implied and not spoken. If it happens you end up spending more and more time together then its going along swimmingly.

If not then …not.

textbook love says … put all your love , attention on the ONE true love

reality textbook says…otherwise is better.

many have killed themselves over a love that could not be fulfilled when there were plenty of fish out in the sea.


Agree, never ever say “I love you” until she’s a near imminent marriage determinable type.


A taiwanese date:

Both sit at a table scrolling their phone and not talking.

Jokes aside, my wife did a move on me 10 years ago, we dated 3 months and I had to leave Taiwan. We kept up a distance relationship over 10,000 miles for 3 years until I moved back to Taiwan, got married to her and lived happily ever after.

There are women like this here, they might be harder to find but I can’t tell if that’s a fact. I hit the jackpot on my 2nd or 3rd try here. Others tell me they date for decades and can’t find a lasting and happy relationship. I come to believe that it’s not as much the girls problems but them being shallow and insincere about a serious relationship. You make the perfect partner, you don’t find it and this includes compromises from both sides.

Harmony, trust and love are achieved, not found.


:point_up: Nailed it! :+1:


You have to work it to get it

And then you have to keep working it to keep it

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See, that’s where I have a problem.

Why compromise for the sake of being trapped in a relationship? I really don’t see any benefit to a marriage or long-term relationship, especially one in which you have to compromise.

My philosophy is: If you’re happy single, then stay single unless you happen to find someone who makes you even happier, without requiring compromise.

Most of my married friends cannot tell me a good reason they got married other than “I was just taught that’s what I was supposed to do”. And then they find that they’re more miserable than when they were single.

I’d be happy to hear how your marriage has benefited you though, if anyone has anything to share (and don’t say taxes — I barely pay any as it is).


It’s simple dude - nobody has to have a reason that’s good to anyone else but them. If it works for you, stay single. If a relationship works for someone else, they should do that. People compromise if it works for them - and ALL relationships (including friendships) require some sort of compromise. You don’t have to if it doesn’t work for you.


I understand that, but if you have a reason that’s good for you (and if you’re not opposed to sharing), I’d love to hear it in case it’s something I haven’t thought about yet which might apply to me too.

Well Taiwanese girls like hold hands haha. But everyone one is different, so you need understand the person A date is also trying to learn about each other, is it as well some having some fun. Its like last time in Ireland I was interested in local things but some guy not listen to what I, and kept saying other Asian nations like its all the same,
. PS, last date wanted to talk about Taiwan’s election , then starting talking about who will win in USA going way off topic but was interesting.


You haven’t heard reasons like I love my spouse, they make me a better person, I love being around them?

If you don’t think your friends have provided a good reason, then either you haven’t heard a reason you agree with, or your friends have crappy marriages. I won’t deny there’s plenty of bad marriages and divorce seems to always be increasing, but it’s not impossible to be happy in a marriage