Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Applicants 2010-2011

That’s what they said last week. :laughing:[/quote]
Yep, they seem to do that a lot, but it’s never super late. I’m getting my TOP results about a week or two late as well.

Just signed up on Forumosa. I’m waiting to hear back from the Chicago TECO on the Huayu Scholarship. I’ll post as soon as I hear something. Good luck, everyone! I haven’t taken the TOP test either, so we’ll see what happens…

Got the 12 month Huayu Enrichment scholarship!!!

I got the 6-month scholarship. I wasn’t really expecting to be accepted, so I hadn’t yet applied to the university I have in mind (NCCU). Do you guys think I still have time to get a reply from them by June 30 if I mail my application by express tomorrow? I don’t know how long universities in TW usually take to reply to applicants.

Congratulations to both of you!! I’m still waiting on my response :stuck_out_tongue: I applied to NCCU, you can find all the info about the due date on their site.

Just signed on to Forumosa. Been stalking the site for months. Applied for the Huayu at the Washington, DC office. Still waiting… Kinda nervous… Totally lying: I’m freakin out! Did the ones who got it get an email or a letter?? Congrats btw! :blush:

I too applied to D.C. Apparently there are only a little over 20 applicants so we have a fighting chance. I believe we receive an email first, then we receive the package by mail a few weeks later (not sure if it’s from the school itself or from the embassy).

I’ll definitely be posting my response whether positive or negative as soon as I find out. Keep us updated Sanlynn^^

[quote][/quote]Well I hope I have a chance… As soon as I find out I’ll be posting whether I got it or not as well. Hope all goes well for all of us!

In Canada, the office sent me an e-mail saying that I was accepted, and that I had to send them back a copy of the acceptance letter that they just sent me to confirm that I received it. They also need me to send them a letter of acceptance from the language center that I plan to attend before June 30th. That’s all they’ve really said for now.

Just got accepted for a 6-month scholarship (I applied for 12) from the Chicago TECO. Super psyched! Can’t wait to study. Good luck to the Washington D.C. folks!

They sent you the email on a Saturday?

LOL… I think the Houston TECO is going to be the LAST to report… Errrrrg…

For those who actually got an e-mail, what did it say? Did some ppl actually get an e-mail on Saturday?

I’m still waiting on D.C.? Waiting patiently…have no choice I suppose. :unamused:

Hey, everyone. I have been following your posts for a week or so now. I am in NYC also waiting anxiously for results for the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. Our guideline application rules also said we would hear results by April 20th, so I can empathize with all those still waiting! So far, no word… I figured I would add my experience to the list of people waiting. Any other NYers out there?

Hahaha. Somehow I feel better when reading the same thing from others.

Hahaha. Somehow I feel better when reading the same thing from others.[/quote]

I know. Me too. haha. I will post when I hear something, though. Hopefully that won’t be too long from now… :sunglasses:

I been checking this forum over and over like a maniac checking to see if anyone heard from the DC office yet… I supposed it is comforting to know others are still waiting. But I haven’t applied to Wenhua yet. I know this was asked already but assuming I do get the scholarship, how long does it take for the school to send the enrollment letter??

I got mine the next day.

I got mine the next day.[/quote]Really? What did u do? Send the application overnight?

I heard from TECO on a friday night, around 10:30 p.m. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent out an e-mail on Saturday. Good luck to everyone still waiting.