I think most Asian pop music is mediocre

Except for aboriginal-derived songs. They’re mostly soulful. But I like songs with meaning. This one, 曾經瘋狂,a tribute to 陳金鋒,is particularly meaningful.

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… and you’d be right.

pop music is generally shite all over the world.


Yeah but that’s all they have in Asia. No country, no rock, etc…

That’s what I was going to say, POP music is mediocre almost by definition, because it’s a byproduct of marketing. Not only the radio formula shaped POP music, but listeners acquired their taste by listening to radio formula music hence narrowing down the expresivity of music, because the new music is designed for this idiotic audience. It’s like how our culinary taste would be if we had been ingesting only sugary drinks and industrial food full of monosodium glutamate and other taste enhancers since we were born.

I also find music with “ethnic roots” more interesting, but we have to recognize that that’s partially because it’s got definitively some distinctive attributes that give it personality AND these sounds are not mainstream, so we are not fuckin’ tired of them already. For me “World Music” is usually refreshing, and yeah, for one or another reason I find it more spiritual or soulful.

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Thanks for the scientific breakdown. I think traditional Asian music; however, is worse: boring at best, insufferable at worst (see Chinese opera).


Any Cthonic fans here?

Fuck yeah.
I’ve watched them live in Luodong, it was a free concert and some people brought kids and elders to have a look. Their reaction = eternal glory.


More of a Gintonic fan :cocktail:


For me, traditional Asian music is enjoyable. I’m more familiar to them than some of western music.

I love K-Pop. I watch it all the time with the sound muted! :drooling_face:




It creeps me out how so many of the Korean starlets look so much alike. It’s like there’s only one extremely busy plastic surgeon in the whole frikkin country.

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It creeps me out how I now get you mixed up with Jesus, who has decided he also wants to be represented by a giant, talking moo-cow.

You and Jesus are like the Korean starlets of forumosa.

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Another one for the useless advice thread! :slight_smile:

(But when you need to point it out, I suppose it’s not quite 100% useless.)

I suppose you separate the art from the artist, then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now there’s an idea!

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Blame him, not me. I was perfectly content being the only cow on the block. I think he probably has a secret crush on me or something.


@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Ask again later

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