I Was Accosted By Cops


Man, I’m disappointed in how many people will just accept this clear abuse of power against an “outsider”.


Exactly! Glad I gave up smoking, the rules seem very complicated these days. This notice from 2013 refers to “areas marked with red lines”, whilst other areas seem to use green notices;

And then there’s a multitude of rules about covered walkways and convenience stores and parks and other places…given that they’re routinely ignored it’s hard to remember where smoking is and isn’t allowed.

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There’s at least two sides to every story and we’ve only heard one of them.

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I wasn’t “accosted” by a cop this past Monday, but I was approached and questioned.

I was parked in my car, engine turned off, hazard lights blinking and knowingly parked in a no-parking red line area. The police officer dutifully rode his scooter the wrong way up the road and stopped next to my driver’s side window. I rolled the window down and with a big smile “Eddie Murphy style” said, “Is there a problem officer?”. He asked me if I knew that I was illegally parked in a red line zone. I answered, “Yes, of course I know.” He asked me why and I told him that it was because there were no other places to temporarily park in that area. He asked me for my ID and driver’s license and said that he was going to have to write me a ticket for illegal parking. I smiled and said, “Sure, no problem. And right after you issue me my ticket, I’m going to watch you write tickets for the Benz parked 20 meters behind me in the red line zone and also for the Audi parked directly across the street from us in the scooter parking area and the other five cars in the red line zone right near that 7-11!” I held out my ID and my license, but he didn’t take them. He then asked me what I was doing there. I replied, “I’m here to pick up my son from his middle school right over there. Just the same as all the other parents temporarily parking illegally. He’ll be out in less than 5 minutes and then I’ll be taking him to his math buxiban”. The police officer then said, “Ok…I agree. Please just don’t leave your car unattended while you wait.” I said, “Not a problem officer, you have yourself a wonderful day, be safe out there, thank you for your service,oh…and by the way,those new blue uniforms are really snappy looking!”

So, did he pick on me because I am a foreigner? Don’t know. Did he let me off because I wasn’t obstructing traffic and really wasn’t causing any issues with my illegal parking? Don’t know that either. Possibly he decided not to pursue things after I pointed out all of the cars parking illegally and that I was just simply one offender and he didn’t want to bother with it. If I had said that I was waiting to pick up a hooker versus my son, would it have made any difference in his decision? It was probably my cheery attitude, winning smile and minty fresh non-smoker breath!

Oh…one side note.

Everyone who was illegally parked was watching the interaction between me and the cop and when I extended my arm and pointed out the Benz to the officer, the Benz driver immediately turned off her hazard lights and left! ha ha ha ha. What a puss!


disappointing ending. I expected you translated for your company what the hotel staff said in English.

You were picking up a hooker weren’t you? :whistle:


Hey! No outing! You know me and you know I’ve got no kids! LOL


Maybe they read your posts

Remember folks, the cops are out in force before CNY. Same thing every year. It may not have anything to do with picking on a foreigner, and everything to do with their quotas. Obey all laws at this time of the year then relax again starting at the beginning of CNY.


Absolutely. I think @jimipresley is lucky there were smokers across the street.

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The three stooges are saying
Dang should have just had more tea at the station except the chief told us we had to go out and get something …the flocker

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I’d be surprised if it were obvious that you spoke Chinese or Taiwanese fluently if you wouldn’t be invited to join a pol’s entourage or have drinks or smokes with him.
Taiwanese are rebellious and a little defiant when it comes to Da RULES. Things are more or less negotiated.
Now, I’m not saying all rules are bad or that smoking isn’t dangerous or I wasn’t abused by employers until certain rules changed.
What I’m saying is, for the most part, I liked it better in the old times.
Sometimes too many set rules are bad.
Those cops were out of line, that’s true.
Especially how they talked to the op.

I tell you in Uk the brexiters will be worst with the outsiders

Probably a weiguoren was reported doing something stupid and you were the first one they stumbled upon.


Now I see why you’re a repeat offender.
He was wearing a sleeveless tube shirt and his upper arms were no thicker than Chevette’s wrists, his bare shoulders looking fragile as the bones of a bird.
He should probably start working out. The 30 day push up challenge is not too bad.

I saw that yesterday, a bunch of people smoking in front of FamilyMart and throwing their stumps under the arcade on the floor. No one gave a shit. Wait, there is a living to be made there, just film the fucks.

Why did they let you go? Because your name was “lee?”
If your name was jimi ‘ nunamaker ‘ would you still go scot free.
Why hassle if they dont write you? Why waste :policewoman: :policewoman: :policewoman: :eyes:?

Dont get me wrong im happy you were not written and understand why your mad, i get this alot .
But sue them and its not so easy without video ,
you say they apologize to wife but also say That
smoking is illegal on a sidewalk. Which is it?

If it’s because they wanted to screw you over, that’s cool.

If it’s because you camera copped them doing something illegal that didn’t affect you, that’s sad.

I’m hoping it’s the first. :crossed_fingers: