I went to McDonald's and I'm a bit traumatized

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Do the three !!! denote a level of craziness? Maybe that’s why you are outside the Circle of Trust ? :smile:

The three ! (three !!! would actually be !!! !!! !!!) represent my temporary concern about the fauna I was surrounded by and the terror produced by the idea of becoming one of them.

McDonald’s: the Walmart of fast food.

Which combination are you?

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You forgot crazy people. My McDonalds has one certifiable lunatic who makes dining experiences very uncomfortable whenever he’s there (which is most of the day).

Perhaps he was at some University long ago , and the Teacher lost his work …the best work he had ever done in his life …just lost for eternity …and he realised that it was all futile and started on the downward spiral into oblivion …

Deep cut. But I found that paper by the way.

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Woohoo …I have a memory like an Elephant , just jesting :smile: that is an interesting grammatical error I made … but I will leave it in :wink: What would the marking have been by the way ?

This was in Taiwan?

We can but hope that it’s not you frequenting the McDonald’s that @DrewC is mentioning :wink:

The answer my friend, is blowing in…

That’s between me and the student. But let’s just say it won’t win any awards.

How about “I’m lovin’ it”?

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I like McDonald’s. It’s great American good. Excellent fries. And the standard is very consistent and good. Always clean as well.


Yeah, big confession here. I, too, love McDonalds. I think I’ve been only twice here in Taiwan, but in the States (where, if you get out of your car and go inside to order you will indeed find WalMart-level quirkiness) I eat there probably twice a week.

If I’m headed out of town early in the morning, I have no problem with swinging by McD’s and picking up breakfast. Super fast service, super convenient.

I loves me that dollar menu, too. Guy like me - cheap and not particularly picky - can eat pretty well on $5 back in the States.

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I ate McDonalds maybe once a week back in the states. Maybe some taco bell, windy’s here and there as well. I wouldn’t want to eat there all the time, but it’s good once in a while. It’s always consistent. If you like big macs, they taste the same anywhere in the states.

It’s honestly not as unhealthy as people think if you cut out the large soda with all that sugar. Unless you eat at home and cook yourself, 90% of the food you eat out at isn’t any more healthy than McDonald honestly.

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I get the fish and rarely the chicken nuggets or chicken sandwich. The beef is too salty and gives me the shakes. That and the patties are from the asses of a hundred cows is just gross.

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Love McDonald’s… probably go there 3 or 4 times a week. Gonna die of something, might as well be of junk food.

My observations are that Taiwanese love their McDonald’s more than any other nearby Asian country I’ve visited. Korean and Japanese McDonald’s were much quieter and less busy.