I would very much like an alternative forum that was much more heavily regulated

The fact is some people want to talk about they stuff, and under our current rules they are as welcome as anyone else. It’s set up that way, so I hope that’s how it looks! Someone would have to demonstrate to me that talking about that stuff is actually wrong, that we shouldn’t be a place where people talk about that stuff (I don’t particularly care how it looks), or the like.

I don’t think that’s in question at all, or this thread would be closed frankly. Not seeing that in the OP! Maybe if people hadn’t referred to anyone specifically, even if obliquely, then those people wouldn’t have responded. I think it’s being way overblown anyway. I counted, out of 57 active threads in the last month in USP, one user started 19. Not really alarm bell territory in my book, looks like a person who likes to talk about politics.

I mostly see people responding to the ideas within. I removed some excessive stuff/silliness but I didn’t see much! All in the nature of feedback, either way! I appreciate all of it, outside of attacking anyone of course.


Sorry I meant the poster I was responding to not the OP. I was backing up the OP.

You’re probably right that there’s not objectively that much offensive material but it does tend to catch the eye. Which is why multiple people have commented on it. And yeah, we are what we are, we can’t hide the fact we have a good number of right leaning Americans who like to argue. Maybe I should just man up, buy a crate of Jack Daniels and some chewing tobacco and crank up the lynyrd skynyrd. God bless America y’all.


How many crates? I’m in Nashville so just venmo me and you’ll have it in 7-12 business days.

Sure man. I have a master’s degree, paint abstract, write poetry, read Shakespeare, philosophy and geopolitical books and world history for fun…but yuck yuck Imma spittooth redneck to ya’ll bc I suppose, I have my own political voice that doesn’t follow a neo-marxist post modernist ID politics vein?

You wanted to mute the IP threads, and I assume you did. Now what do you want? Seriously, get into the wanker thread. You’ve earned it. :wink:


Goddammit. I muted the IP threads and then they moved my own threads into there just to spite the nose on my face.

I once wrote a thesis on the impact of Reaganomics on the Black underclass. Got an A and all. I am locked and loaded.



How many crates is a good old boy expected to drink in a month? Ball park. I wanna do this right.

Also I guess I’m gonna need me a gun. What do y’all recommend? Nothing too flashy. Maybe something that says I’m a sensitive sonabitch.


Me, I have M1911 and .357 magnum.


Snub nose is cool but no to the pink bit. Purple at a pinch.

Not much of a redneck drinking Jack Daniels, that is a drink for hipsters. The other two items qualify though.


I haven’t been following this thread but I remembered that if @OP wants to make their own forum, Talkpei is a good name

Was Talkifyouagreewithmepei.com already taken?


I’m parked on sadwankersrus.com

Is that the SadWankersrUSAMERICANS.com or the old unwoke one?