would’ve been even funnier if one side of the stadium had chanted that, and the other side replied “she did, she did, she did take it up the arse from me and my mates”


To me, this is a good selection filter. If she wants any of that stuff, she’s just not marriage material. No need to waste each other’s time.


Long time ago, I was snooping around in the bushes on top of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, looking for a possible bivouc site. There’s some kind of monument there and I was emerging from cover behind that, but there was a couple there.

Rather than startle them (you can get shot in the US startling people: You can get punched in the face anywhere) I ducked down and waited for them to go.

They didn’t. He proposed. Bit of a speech. She accepted. It got quite emotional. And private.

I don’t get public displays of what used to be private moments either, and I wasn’t enjoying this, honest.

I broke and ran.

They did’nt get public displays of what used to be, like a second ago, a special private moment, either, but fortunately the guy didn’t catch me.

He was, er, BIG and ANGRY, but I was faster. And fully dressed.


Yeah, nah. This is the idiots thread. The guy is an idiot.

Although, yeah, IG.

I see you got your avatar back!

yeah but it doesnt move, stupid discourse

Since we are in idiots thread, my suggestion is that you update your avatar every second with a different frame of the dance :banana:



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He’s keeping the wheels in mint condition.

Who’s the idiot now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep, it’s probably a wedding gift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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At least he wasn’t using it to carry the shopping cart to the car…

Reminded me of this one…


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It’s not easy eating green


Being a dumb fuck, however, appears to be easier than fallin off a log…

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Why were these moved?

This thread is for a little light idiocy

I’m torn. I don’t know if this woman is an idiot or if United just has shitty broken doors on its aging fleet of planes.