If the CCP invades, will you fight?

Yeah but how long can it be stored in room temperature?

Up to 25 years: How freeze drying works | Harvest Right™ | Home Freeze Dryers | Freeze Dried Food Storage


A freeze dryer is expensive as shit and you have to use it properly.

Better to buy MREs or canned food. Those don’t need freeze drying.

Also keep in mind if things get that bad where supplies are cut off, you got bigger things to worry about than canned food.

I saw a picture of the gun the indigenous people use for hunting. They look dangerous as hell. I bet I can make something much safer, more accurate. But they tell me it’s because the government won’t let them have anything decent.

In many conflicts, civilians are asked (either by their own government or the enemy) to evacuate a town before any major fighting in that town begins. Enemy forces even sometimes allow humanitarian corridors to be set up for this purpose.

Once the allowed evacuation period has ended, any remaining civilians in the town are deemed by the enemy as uncomplying combatants, and the enemy can fight without consideration for collateral damage.

Of course, if storing a bunch of freeze-drying food is a viable option for you, then by all means, do it. But don’t expect the luxury of being able to remain in your home once the fighting intensifies.

I think enough canned food, portable stove, stc to fit a bug out bag is reasonable.

But 2 years of freeze dried food won’t help you, especially if you have to run.

If it’s taiwan it’s likely container ships or even cruise ships will be used to evacuate people off the island from major ports. You are not carrying a whole lot. 5kg at most per person.

Also keep in mind any war over taiwan will be fought in the waters around taiwan, it will involve the us navy and the japanese sdf.

If that war is lost, then the problem just got really big and taiwan will likely surrender.

MREs are not as shelf-stable as freeze-dried foods . They have a shelf life of only 1-5 years, making them unsuitable for long-term storage.”

Good luck.

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Canned food can last 10 or more years. The flavor may become a little off though.

Freeze dried food must be kept absolutely bone dry, not taiwan humidity.

In fact I would seal it in a vacuum pack for optimal storage.

Freeze dried food is the way to go, especially if you are on the move due to its weight. You can add boiling water or eat as is in many cases. I have purchased emergency meal kit systems that have a 30 year shelf life. Mountain House has a variety of meals, and they all taste pretty damned good IMHO. A household freeze dryer is about US$2700 in the States, give or take. A vacuum sealer or mylar bags with silica packs would extend the shelf life of freeze dried foods and dried grains.

MREs certainly have their place. A smart addition to a bug out bag is one example, since they can also be eaten as is. The shelf life is less than freeze dried food, varies greatly depending on the storage temperature. I have sampled a couple that were over 10 years old with any ill effects.

Canned foods are good if you are bugging in. I would try to use them within a couple years, but they are still edible past that time frame. If the can has a pull tab on it, I wouldn’t expect it to last as long.

Global Foods has dried entrées to feed large groups, 120 people or so. They told me that after 2 years, they sauce powder starts to clump up, but I did not notice that when preparing. Their meals are all soy based.

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You know what you’re talking about.

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Thank you for the compliment, but just a drop in the bucket from a guy who cares too much for the average human who does not deserve to be in the cross fire of global power struggle.