If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


:left_speech_bubble: One needs something to believe in, something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that ones life has meaning, that one is needed in this world. — Hannah Senesh


Taiwania cryptomerioides @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Most likely


Today I am a cottonwood Fer shur


I’m a dogwood, which explains my fatigue.


Shouldn’t a cottonwood have a Southern accent?


That simply does not make sense. It is not, after all, a dog tired tree, though I have no idea why dogs are supposed to be tired though you might have better luck claiming to be a dogwood tree if you were dogging, as in following, someone, no


Fer shur can be an Ozark comment with an Ozark accent so what, on earth, are you talking about… one wonders… though if I keep trying to figure it out, I may cotton on to something… see how I did that… see how I made that work… SEE!


If you cannot see the causal and casual relationships between dogs and trees…well…


Oh I can see all right and alright but what I cannot see is a causal relationship nor discussing this informally among friends a casual one. Aha!!! See!!! What I have done there!!! Now go and sin no more against the English or any other language!!! And bonus points for religious references!!! See!!! See!!!


I had no idea you were a Druid. Hrm, yet maybe you’re only religious in the Aceraceae sense in that yer Boy was put up on a tree? How’s THAT for a casual if not not unfriendly relationship?


Well, that could be the case but it also might not be. Given the conditions and the previous parameters of this discussion, one has to wonder/debate/question whether, yes, whether, the correct assessment is being made/entertained/supported in light of the views that were previously stated, correct? If not, then please clarify.


Today, I am a fig tree with lots of fig leaves to cover those who don’t give a fig about my tree-like aspirations/manifestations/psychic representations. What do you think of that? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes


No. It was not a yes/no question. What do you think? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


That’s more like it. Sing it with me “Amen.” @discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: Many people have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. — Helen Keller


That is so true. That is EXACTLY how I feel about this thread and the importance of sharing with the world my flora manifestations and psychic barking.


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