If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


Have you been smoking those trees again?


It’s called the Pan-Tree.


Whoa, that just caused a heavy flashback!


Er, not this one?


I am feeling perplexed hence as you guessed it… perplexitree. er… no… but maybe… yes? I believe that the intersectionality of my struggle is evident and therefore justifies my narrative based on my Feelings.


Are you a k-tree or a fraud tree ?


I am not sure as to what you are referring… Are you suggesting that My Feelings are in any way fraudulent? I am outraged OUTRAGED. My feelings rather FEELINGS are sacrosanct and no matter what I FEEL I deserve to be heard, respected, obeyed and acknowledged.


I apologize , I meant Dr. Fraud . :blush:one can only surmise that you have been watching the trees growing for the last few months .


How dare you suggest that my feelings are a fraud. They are real to me whether based on fact, true or false, reasonable or not. I demand to be respected and acknowledged! How dare you question anything about me or my feelings. What are you some kind of serial abuser? rapist? criminal? nazi? fascist? denier?


But if I accused you, I based it purely upon my hazy recollection of a vitriolic post that you made 7 years ago. So you MUST be guilty unless you can prove that you did not write THAT post .


But I accused you first so therefore you have to prove what I said FIRST. This is called the preferential pre-emptive accusatory strategy. See Section A, clause C, paragraph 1, line 3a.215.


Wait …NO. I also have EVIDENCE that you may have thrown a sharp leaf at an innocent person in a Bar. I even have people whom I trust, who say that you chopped a perfectly healthy Tree down and showed absolutely NO remorse whatsoever. Proof that you MUST be a deplorable person. This CLIMATE change can be PROVEN I tell you.


Excuse me but what is the total number of “privilege and power points” that you possess? If you have more than I, then no matter what I WIN!


Damn…you Judas. As a White Male , I will have to defer to your Intersectional superiority .


Now we are talking. I will get back to you next week with an ever-increasing list of crimes that you have committed against my feelings, sensibilities. Naturally, I retain the right to change my mind about any and all such charges based on my feelings at the time.



Something about that picture seems wrong somehow. I don’t think that the whole side of the tree is meant to have all of the candles; rather, these are to be evenly note EVENLY distributed.


Today, I believe that I am a birch tree. Yes, I am pretty sure that is what I am. Why? I’m not sure but I just feel that way today so what’re you going to do about it? WHAT?


I give up.
After years of living in Asia.
After years of fulfilling my roles of husband and father.
After countless projects and businesses acting as boss, peon and scapegoat, I will succumb to becoming the tree everyone sees me as and expects me to be…



Today, I am some kind of tree but I am not getting the vision clearly or I am not sensing the parameters of my Treehood; no, just not getting the feeling indicating what/who I am and where I should be or going or having come from. There is no verifiable statement here so testing this for truth is out of the question. No, it is more an essence, a determination, but perhaps less a determination than an indication, a nuance of impending Beingdom in which I would branch out to fulfill my potentiality, but no, I am not there yet and not seeing the beginnings of an end to my not-there-yet being-in-myself. One imagines that once I perhaps determine --rather indicate?-- my being-for-that/this that I will then be able to reverse engineer (but who really is to say which direction is forward/back) my essence to arrive at a suitable being-for quality that will help define? determine? point to? direct? indicate? an essence that reveals the Essence that will ultimately inform? ascribe? proscribe? limits to any presence that would be characterized? defined? assigned? a Being that has Become? I posit my predicament thus and entreat all would-be Definers to Proscribe THUS.