If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


I guess if I’m running for something many people are rooting for me to prevail. Now how’s about them five dollars?


In attempting to ascertain your long absences
, we presumed that you must be running from something.
Do I get 5 Dollars?


If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that… why! I’d have $5!!!


We were more concerned that , maybe , your forest had turned into a swamp due to … Global warming Climate Change


No I was just mired in a few projects that failed to branch out


I was intreegued by the almost treesonous lack of attention to the mainstreem media . thought you were a Q operative …would that be treesonous?
I hope your projects bear fruit and you retain your winning streek. Is it a Partnership …or a Treeo?
I am sure there is will be a "Smith " side of the story…3 sides in fact a treeangle?
I will forgive your absentreeism , if you send 50 Dollars. you willow me no
more cash.
I need to spruce myself up to go out , so I will leaf it there and not beat about the bush any longer.
Just don’t be a stick in the mud.


Whazza q operative?


'Q" , as in Quantum. We don’t understand you sometimes, but we are sure you are still there , working away . As soon as we try to interact , you disappear. I think this 2nd Fred Smith is an impostor…will the real Fred Smith stand up ? ( a Slim SHADY reference) , should we have to start explaining to the “new” FS.


I don’t understand many things and not just sometimes. There are so many things to ponder… to be… or not to be… a la Hamlet or really any modern human living in a world without a Supreme Being as arbiter of our affairs, whether e=mc2 is relative (relative?) or whether to be or not to be on the QE2 would be a reflection (refraction?) of being a Q operative combined with energy squared but minus the mass and maybe including the speed of light squared in a titanic struggle to define reality or, even worse, purpose in an existential Bad Faith predicated on a denial of the existence of a Being-in-Itself that lacks the capacity of Becoming despite ever Being-for-Itself in a Waiting for Godot like hollowness of the meaningless moments spent waiting or until purposeful action resumes to arrive at a state of being/becoming that would finally give sense/meaning while continuing to evade the soteriological tendencies/predilections/impulses to cry out to a God that does not and never did exist? I put it to you THUS.


That’ll be $5 and then some


I guessed a query might not have been made but it could have been otherwise, couldn’t it?


Tied up for a minute


An arch clue… an epigrammatic hint… a key and chord structure to unlock a secret meaning?


Invoking an anarchistic brain pattern ? I think i would prefer to catch the next De bussy home.
Dem Trees need a good Chopin’ , as the epigram goes.


Perhaps, the orchestral version will do for you what the sole instrument (piano) could not… If this fails to achieve the desired aim, I will turn to stronger measures: Part, Schoenberg, Bartok… oh yes, I will… said Schopenhauer though Fichte expressed views that only Hegel could digest, thus said Schlegl, not and not to Zarathustra.


Discord ?


I am convinced that many deaf people would , perhaps , concur with his opinion as to the artistic quality found therein.


No, that was Beethoven or Rodrigo.


Today’s twists and turns have resulted in some interesting (at least to me!) conundrums regarding Treehood and Being/Becoming a Tree. I tell you… never a dull moment in this whole episode.


Yes I think maybe it wasn’t a no but a non response regarding an affirmation of the possibility of the existence of a negation.