this for real?

With all the other wacky stuff I didn’t even notice.

You’ve got a problem with run on sentences, i thought you would, punctuation Nazi’s like you make me sick, who do you think you are lolz


Good one! If you’d written “wood” instead of “would”, it wood have been perfect.

I am as guilty of blunders as the next gal/guy, but Forumosa posts are not crafted and distributed on print form to promote a language learning business. Tinfoil hat theories, on the other hand, abound in this neck of the cyberwoods. Poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling actually fit well with our laid-back, wacky vibe.

I was trying to appreciate the uniqueness of the wackiness in what I anticipated to be a professional package. Strangely, the sloppiness was distracting. I was just trying to think bro. That shit’s not gonna be legal forever!

Sieg Heil! Mission accomplished! I think I’m a pretentious prick, given the opportunity and inclination. Otherwise, a rather avuncular bloke.

very ironic responses you got there. “conspiracy theorist with halfass english spreading lies while running an english buxiban in taiwan” - nothing wrong with that, stop hating on him…
“quoting facts on forumosa” - f*ck you furreiner, learn to speak real ingles…

Is this meant to be ironic?


i don’t know. is today opposite day?

Yeah, mostly.