I'm a young professional and met a former? "KTV 小姐"


I’m starting to have feelings for her.


My wife has no desire to immigrate to the U.S., so I don’t think about it at all. :sunglasses:


Green card scammers can be dumped without notice.


You better stop and retreat from the relationship with tact. This is textbook ultra-sexual borderline girl. Even if she herself doesn’t harm you for various possible reasons in various possible ways, her “other” relationships can be quite seedy. This has toxicity written all over it. Just look at the tentacles from someone you barely know.


Some of you guys are Seriously paranoid . Maybe she’s just a sweet girl that likes him.


Or maybe she’s like you


This is not the attitude you should have in any relationship. If you can’t help but judge her, then do her and yourself a favor and take a break while fixing your attitude. Otherwise, you will have lots of problems down the road.


I find this thread comical. Somehow the girl is judged and slammed for probably singing on a friday night. Did the OP really call her possibly “used goods”?


Take an opportunity OP, you will not find many girls in taiwan with real life experience, most of them are totally childish way into 20s, 30s depending on their family emotionally, financially and excepting bf ta take them out/ pay for them.
Do not need think you are better than her.



You got a girl interested in dating you. Take it easy, at this stage its all speculation (and maybe ejaculation, LARGELY outside perhaps). The situ ain’t gonna be all that different with another TW girl be she an air hostess or a person working at the 7/11.

You stress out too much man. Take her out show her a good time, be DA MAN. Take CHARGE . …Pardon my french but let her be the pussy in this relationship not YOU. … There’s always time to turn in your balls later.


OK I will.


Do not confuse being discerning with judgemental. Just as no sane person would say don’t be judgemental of the Hispanic dude with tattoo wielding a knife with a gun strapped following you for 4 blocks at 4 am in downtown LA, you don’t stop being careful just because she’s hot and gives sex readily. Check out the phrases love bombing and rushing into intimacy. And no one really can put their past behind. Even on genetic level, epigenetic studies show our experiences change our genes. Not the sequence itself, but the stuff like methyl groups on them. Dune was entirely correct in the regard of ancestral memory.


The whole post is just a troll and we all fell for it.


What if the gentleman exercising his Second Amendment right is not Hispanic? :ponder: :ponder: :ponder:


So, after 7 days of starting this thread, has the OP scored yet?

Seriously, dude, if her past makes you so concerned, just let her go. Lots of other options out there.


He started another thread about dating airline hostesses…


So my intuition was correct.
Another immature brother who can’t distinguish between relationships and pure sexual desires.


That’s true. Most Taiwanese women may have been over 20 years old physically, but mentally, they’re still pretty much like an obnoxious girl who cries all day for not getting her bobby doll.

But, in contrast, a lot of American women have had divorced at least twice, had at least two alimony, and had at least two kids with them, when they’re just into their mid-thirties.

They’re like the two extremes on the spectrum.
I will no doubt take neither of them.


Did no one see my troll meme days ago? :frowning:


It’s a fun topic and that’s all that matters