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Covid Relief Packages 4.0

[NDC plans extra NT$210 billion budget for COVID-19 relief - Focus Taiwan:2021-05-27]
Taiwan Cabinet allocates billions in new funding for COVID-19 vaccines
Taiwan coronavirus cash bailout set for approval | Taiwan News | 2021-05-28

Who can receive and how to apply? Measures taken by the central/local governments (updated)

There is a summary article in Chinese on CNA site.

COVID relief of NT$10,000 per child [kids should not be foreigners]

Cabinet plans handouts to families with young children - Focus Taiwan

Taipei City

Taipei launches COVID relief to aid businesses and individuals - Focus Taiwan

Foreign residents, even those with a residency card, do not qualify.

New Taipei City

New Taipei offering some families NT$10,000 stipend in COVID relief - Focus Taiwan

Education Subsidies for the Child of Unemployed Labors

this post

MOL “Real-time work plan with peace of mind” (this was provided by google translate, and I’m not sure if it is correct.)

Citizens and spouses of citizens can apply for hourly paid jobs at public sector for up-to 960 hours.


for Kaohsiung people





New Taipei

Taipei excludes foreigners for aid


Again, the purpose of this thread is to get/provide information. To discuss, please continue in one of #discrimination threads or a new thread I created for it.


News says


The article on the CNA website says “教育學習業” are going to be included in this bailout. Does that include foreign cram school teachers?

Many local governments provide 勞工失業及其子女就學補助 Education Subsidies for the Child of Unemployed Labors.

If the eligibility is the same with MOL, foreign spouses of citizens are included.

It seems to be for schools, not directly for individual teachers.

Thanks for clarifying that for me.

The school will be able to apply for aid on the foreign teachers behalf?

I read something in one of those articles that the government will provide something like 20% of the workers salary up to 20k per month for the months of May and June.

Is that what this is in regards to?

I am not sure yet.

As for the support for company paying salary, foreigners were not included last time.

Q36 非本國籍勞工、建教生可以列入補貼的員工人數嗎?


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Thanks for taking your time to provide additional information! Things aren’t looking good for foreign cram school teachers unfortunately.

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Are foreigners (APRC, JFRV etc) that own businesses in Taiwan serving Taiwan, included?

Taipei relief application website


This could decimate the Buxiban industry. If lots of teachers aren’t getting paid for any period of time, if they don’t have any resources they will have no choice but to leave.

Then, there will be no teachers left. Not to be total jerk, but when this is all over would be a good time to come to Taiwan looking for a teaching job …

Note to self: Always have 3-6 months in expenses in emergency fund.



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Why did you delete it?

Announcement from MOL in Mandarin


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