Is coronavirus "force majeure" (不可抗力)?

Would you call yourself a digital nomad?

You’re not working in taiwan. I was asking about ways to make money working in taiwan with visa exempt status that isn’t teaching at a buxiban/kindy.

FYI, you are breaking the law.

Working in Taiwan(irrespective if it’s “online” or “offline”) is illegal unless you got a work permit.

youtube? or do you mean actual non english teaching jobs within taiwan?

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I have money from what I did in the UK, I don’t need to work here but I like living here.

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By earning money in our own countries for some of the year, then using the rest of the year to come out here and spend it all :slight_smile:

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it is not very clear.



Regardless of its legality, the tax man wants their share of your income. They have clarified a few times that they expect digital nomads to pay up as they are tax residents after staying over 90 days.

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I thought you meant how we can afford a living here.
But no I’m not a digital nomad.

So you just work online and and will live in taiwan indefinitely?

this is clear. if you are in Taiwan for more than 90 days and get income for your service provided though internet, you should pay the tax on the income. iirc the following statements.

Income Tax Act

Article 8
The term “income from sources in the Republic of China” used in this Act refers to income of the following categories:

  1. Remuneration for services rendered within the territory of the Republic of China,

指在中華 民國境內提供勞務取得之薪資、執行業務所得或其他所得;
於營利事業指依下 列情形之一提供勞務所取得之報酬:

Same… but in my case, not UK but Canada.

I’m here for my Taiwanese boyfriend. We also visit my country every year.

The visa run chaps are getting it in the neck now, but what happens to holders of employer sponsored ARCs if there’s a lockdown and they can’t teach? Are they going to get their ARCs cancelled?

ARC visa extension for 6 months to find a new gig as usual.


This news is BS . Why does tw love me and then say get the flip out of here and dont come back

I live here
This is my home
Yes i will get a visa one day but now the choice is not made by me

It’s not your home. Even with an ARC they can literally boot you out with very thin reasoning behind this.

People need to come to grips with this.


Sounds tremendously like what dreamers say back in the States…

“Yes i will get a visa one day but now the choice is not made by me

So, whose choice was it then? Someone else told you that’s the way to stay here?

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Well thank god for that. The people taking donations for hugs are bad enough.