Is Taiwan racist?


Arabs and Israelis aren’t Asian.
Indians are Asian…Just go East from there …


I’d say there’s a bias against blacks in Europe now with so many illegal migrants, unfortunate for local black people .
Personally I think the natural color of 99.9% Asians is a shade of brown. Certainly isn’t white !


Arab countries are Asia, Israel was Asia.


Asia minor? Tukey was the westernmost part and thats stretching it…

Arab countries and Israel…they are Middle Eastern…


I don’t know. That’s what IOC says.

UN says Israel and Russia are Asia.


To be fair, B.B. cream can whiten a girl’s face a lot.

When in doubt, look at their hands.


Which means making claims about blacks being more likely to be shot by police is disingenuous.


Ah, so, didn’t I say this is just my impression?


Yes, you did. I was replying to a similar statement by @mad_masala.


I don’t know the statistics, but news from US is enough to make some people scared and think black can be a reason to be shot by police, and there is not enough items to deny it.


That’s what identity politics is all about…setting different groups against each other for political and financial gain. It’s both disgusting and dangerous.


That theory won’t hold up well if you apply it to Chicago.


I guess police in Chicago is useless.


Not useless to those who own them.

For those who don’t, they stand down.


Thats what US and some World news does, its purpose isnt to give a fair and balanced perspective. More to be divisive and trigger people into fear. Now a days its all out Race Baiting


If I read correctly, the rate killed while being stopped by police is not different between races, according to this article.

So, the possibility to be killed seems to be proportional to the rate of being stopped by police.

If the study is correct and I understood it correctly.


Obviously White and Asians are also get shot by police, not just Black or Hispanic but its not as newsworthy so people get a skewed sense of reality by watching MSM. Police brutality is an issue regardless of race. I do agree though that Blacks are more likely to get stopped. As an Asian I’ve had a Hispanic Hot head police pull his gun at me for talking off my ipod headphones before. He said he came very close to shooting me.


Never had a gun pulled on me, but I think the police needs to have the same rules of engagement as the military if not stricter because they are using it on civilians not enemy combatants. For the cops that complain, don’t be a cop if they don’t like the risks.


Yea it seems the military has stricter rules of engagement in many scenarios than police in US. In a Warzone typically the rule is They can shoot only when they have been shot at or can clearly identify a weapon. Some police will shoot regardless of race if they even suspect they saw something that looked like a gun. Or they see the hand motion reaching down (in my case) as earbuds on my head look nothing like a gun… Sadly most DAs will side with the cops. Im almost certain if I was shot in that scenario the cop would be acquitted.


American cops are brainlets who need little education to get a badge and a gun. The Canadian RCMP requires a lot more education/training before you get to start blasting away minorities. It rarely happens in Canada.