Is traffic the worst part of Taiwan's lingering third worldism?

Just watched one of those computer re-enactments on the news. In it, the second driver stopped in the lane next to the drunk driver’s crashed car. That is why he was smashed from behind. He stopped in the middle of the road. Unbelievable.

If that is right, he caused the pile up.


Just saw the animation you mentioned. Does look like he stopped in the middle of the road instead of safely pulling over to the shoulder…I wonder if he’s going to catch any changes since it seems like if he didn’t stop in the middle of the road noone would’ve died and the number of injured people would be less. Probably will get away though since it is easier to blame all of it on the drunk driver, rather than partial blame.


Jesus wept!

Of course the driver shouldn’t have stopped in the middle of the road. Even if they were stopping to help, they should pull over. More likely, they were in shock which I can understand. In the seconds, perhaps split, after an accident or other surprising road incident I react based on instinct more than intelligence

Bus driver deserves some blame, too. Tailgating is an issue here, and speeding. I think in Canada the rule is if you hit someone from behind you are automatically at fault

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I wonder whether the culture of not moving your vehicle if involved in an accident played a role?

It’s standard everywhere to pull over a safe distance from the accident and put on your hazard lights. I don’t see why he would have panicked and stopped dead.


Did he see the accident happen? If so, shock


Yeah, what that driver did is very much in the category of “I hope I wouldn’t make that mistake in that situation, but fortunately I’ve never been in that sort of situation, and I’m not going to judge them too harshly.”

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It would be a mitigating factor

Not really sure since by the driver’s own admission he was getting ready to back up his car before he got hit by the bus.


Backing up on a freeway…….

I initially thought it happened right in front of him and he was backing up to get around it and out of danger.

Now it is sounding like he passed it and was backing up to…….help


Assuming the information we currently have is correct, three drivers were to blame. She shouldn’t have driven drunk, the car driver shouldn’t have stopped dead, and the coach driver should have had enough time to stop safely.


Lin made a public announcement for Lunar New Year. Seems very recovered.

男神回來了!林志穎現身拜年 氣色佳「復工倒數」網讚:帥氣逼人

Seems like a driver tried to jump the line of cars on a section of the central Cross-Island highway only to be met with all the cars coming and forced to back up to who knows where


If it’s where I think it is, it would not be long enough.

Everyone can see whats going on and they still continuously rev and beep. Something seriously wrong with drivers here.


I’d be more worried about those people putting the idiot on edge and making him more likely to make a mistake and cause an accident that causes everything to come to a complete stand still for hours.

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Had an Uber driver two days back that would honk as soon as the light turned green. Didn’t matter how many cars back we were…he’d still honk as if people don’t have eyes and aren’t eager to slam the accelerator to catch the next red light.

Unfortunately his driving was relatively safe so I couldn’t give him less than 4 stars :confused:

I had a taxi driver do the same a few days ago. I think the locals are used to it. It winds me right up though when I’m the one being beeped at.

I hit the horn twice in one trip yesterday

First, waiting at the base of a T-intersection to turn left onto a main road. When the light turns green I move forward slowly so the gaggle waiting in the box can go first. Some seconds after the light has turned, with me in the middle of the intersection, some dude runs the red light so he can turn left. I saw him coming and was hardly moving, so there was plenty of time to lay on the horn as he cut around me.

Second, waiting in a box at a red light. Some dude decides that instead of waiting beside or behind me in the mostly empty box, he should sit on the zebra line directly in front of me. Sounded like an interesting conversation he was having, so again lots of time to move my thumb to the horn. When the light changed and he didn’t move, I counted off a second before beeping.

I’m thinking of installing a louder horn

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Really nasty hit in Zhubei by a very late red light runner. Happened in front of multiple police officers. Officer in the police car probably shouldn’t park his car right in the middle of the intersection though.