Joe Biden: U.S. President

Biden wanted 100 million people vaccinated in 100 days right? That number iirc was what Trump’s team was already doing. That they were able to ramp things up wasn’t a miraculous undertaking. It would have happened regardless. The ball was rolling. Biden underpromised then over performed and you want that to be a sign of competence? All I’m asking is for folks to be fair.

While a pace of 1 million doses a day is “somewhat of an increase over what we’re already doing,

Here’s a better write up to show what I am talking about. States had the vax but were slow to roll it out except WV which sent everything to CVS.

Huh. An honest guy after all. Victim of partisan power politics. Imagine that.


Not the leader we need, but the leader we deserve.

What? No push-up challenge?

Holy fack that bumbling boob must have some dirt on his backers in the DNC.

I think fear of Kamala is keeping him in the top job for the moment.

I was watching something today where it was being discussed how she racked up donors pre-throwing her hat in the ring. The Hollywood set loved her for some reason. Tulsi clipping her tail and her subsequent bounce in the first round caused a fire that needed to be put out. Thus, a first round loser gets a free ride into the second seat.

I think we know the reason.

Joe’s health report must be rock solid.

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Don’t say what they write on your hand, Joe!

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Yep, and the Hill is one of the outfits who made sure Ol’ Joe got the job. Biden is an embarrassment

As if we didn’t already know. :grin:

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Plenty of hype, but don’t expect much.

That. On a poster. Biden 2024!

I think this opinion piece actually gives them credibility. Good for them. Joe Concha is a regular critic.

“Russia is in a very, very difficult spot right now. They are being squeezed by China,” Biden said before boarding his plane out of Geneva, quipping that the Russians “don’t want to be known as, as some critics have said, you know, the Upper Volta with nuclear weapons.” Biden was referring to the former French West African colony, which changed its name to Burkina Faso.


For those who don’t trust American intelligence agencies, straight from your boss’s mouth:

“The image of President Biden, which is portrayed by our, and even the American press, has nothing to do with reality,” Putin said during a televised meeting on Thursday, Moscow Times reported. “Biden is a professional, you have to be very attentive when working with him so as not to miss something — because he does not miss a thing, trust me.”

Putin also said Biden is “of sound mind and should be taken seriously,” according to a translation of his comments from CNN’s Bianna Golodryga.

But I’m sure you’ll say he is lying about Biden but was straight up telling the truth about Trump.


This is literally an echo chamber post. lol

So, by default, you agree with what Putin said about Trump being a really very smart guy, then huh?

“Joe and I are always excited to visit with our troops and their families,” Dr. Biden said, before telling the crowd, “You know, you can sit down.”

As the crowd laughed and settled into their seats, President Biden turned away from his wife and toward the military seated behind him.

"Joe, pay attention," the first lady joked, gesturing for him to turn toward her. – June 10, 2021

Hats off to Jill for being so attentive to Joe.

I heard he tweeted that he was gonna spill the beans about Hunter’s laptop, wake up sheeple!

too soon?

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