Joe Biden: U.S. President

Meh, your posting false claims irked me, part of what irked me about your postings when Trump was around. Blatant false crap disprovable in 5 seconds of a web search.

I just posted vaccine passports being introduced in France and Italy, hardly irrelevant, it’s just crossed your mind has it?

Wow, this has been a topic under discussion in some circles for a year and a half, the ramifications are that big.

But just now it’s crossing your mind.


I don’t think I stuttered? :thinking: I guess it sucks I haven’t formed an opinion on a question you need me to answer so badly that you ask me three times, even though I never mentioned the topic once. :sweat_smile:

Some people like to put thought into their opinions before talking, I guess, guilty as charged.

I waited a year and a half to bring the topic up and only now that France and Italy are doing it and I sense US won’t be far behind, thought I would get your thoughts before the inevitable happens.

Once they happen, of course I know what your opinion will be.

Any thoughts on Bidens plans to send people door to door to ask about their vaccination status? Or something else you haven’t thought about?

What will my opinion be? Do spare us the suspense.

You first, go ahead and tell me what my thoughts are. We’re all waiting to hear how smart you are Mick.

I have yet to find an occasion where your thoughts diverge from whatever CNN or the rest of the MSM are pushing on any given day, perhaps I missed one and you could prove me wrong. In your 1000’s of posts there must be some topic you are not in perfect alignment.


I totally believe you follow me around and keep track of everything, except the stuff that gets amnesia-ed once I ask for quotes, or post articles refuting. :rofl: In that regard you’re completely consistent.

Now, unlike myself who said nothing about the passport stuff, you claim to know my positions on passports. So let’s have them, then in the future when I actually form an opinion on them, I will be made to look like a fool. :sweat_smile:

It’s been fun man, but you keep running from the stuff you say, so bye.

This is key. When all your opinions align perfectly with a particular political agenda, they’re not your opinions.


I prefer to observe absence of opinion/slipperyness, :mag_right: but to each his own.

Back to Biden, so the never-ending obsession with me can take a breather at least :sweat_smile:

It’s kind of a no-brainer thing to say, but politically Biden is astute at saying common sense stuff like this to appeal to working class types. Simple, but it sticks in memories.

What he does tends to align with the stuff I like to point out as common ground issues most agree on, even if it conflicts with someone’s affiliated party stance. You point out the issues that most Americans agree on, and people start to wonder why they vote against their own self-interests so much. :brain:

Self-reflection is a virtue.

Well Biden definitely has that ability, so virtuous he is! :white_check_mark:

That was your takeaway from the town hall? Yikes…

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so vague, so Milker. :wink:

Back to the actual thing I was talking about though, democrats usually struggle with what should be a simple communication of common-sense stuff to voters. Both communicating their support for issues, and doing it in a way that’s not convoluted.

Maybe Joe’s sleepiness is paying off, he’s so simple he’s connecting with swing voters. I’m pretty sure polls reflect that as well but even without them I’d believe it.

We’re talking about Joe Biden here, I’m not sure you realize you are providing the laughs. :slightly_smiling_face:

But it’s true, it’s why Bush Jr. had such appeal, the demeanor of someone who relates to average joes (whether you like either prez or not). It works politically. Do you disagree?

Yes, that friendly, folksy demeanor is quite endearing.

It may be English is not your first language? “Simple” is not the word I would use to describe someone, unless it was to have a dig.

I’m pretty sure he’s not running anything, you seem pleased by his comments on a 15$ an hour, words are cheap and a politicians words mean even less.

Besides inflation. Did you agree with Biden that his multi trillion dollar infrastructure proposal will make inflation go down, because that would seem counter intuitive and if you have inflation a rise in pay leaves you in the same place.

I mean, there should be higher wages, clearly I’m commenting on him being politically astute with his comments though.

As for inflation, I’m not sure about the accuracy of that word soup, but much of it seems transitory, at least to the point where interest rates should not have to go zoom.

There’s nothing wrong with a certain level of inflation either of course, it’s healthy.

“Folksy” Joe must really have gotten those Hillary “deplorables” to swing his way (not the grabbing at minors kind of way, that’s for untouchable elites) in order to win that last election.

Because, last time around his biggest ass-sniffers of today had something different to say.


Is English your first language?

That film runs in Mups’ head 24/7/365