Joe Biden: U.S. President

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t run from the statement here. She holds a good deal of power and isn’t simply some genius investor from California.

Chuck Schumer responds to question about whether Democrats should back away from using phrase “defund the police”. Eric Adams is the incoming mayor of NY for heading in the opposite direction of this sentiment. I will grant you that Hirono doesn’t know what she’s talking about but Schumer is very precise in his language.

AOC. You knew this was coming.

Minneapolis mayor says ‘yes’, Cory Booker says ‘no’, Ilhan Omar says ‘hell yes’. Booker said this during the DNC primaries and received blowback.

Kamala Harris. First in line for Presidency.

Time’s up. My next search would have been Stacey Abrams though she doesn’t hold any elected position outside of governor-in-exile.

Wow. What an embarrassing GOTCHA post, right TG? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just think it’s too bad the reporter was too stupid to ask a proper question! And mildly impressed by Joe’s prescience in shooting it down.

Why do you think it was a ‘gotcha’ question? Police reform was a major piece of the DNC’s message in the last election though now they’re heading in the opposite direction (i.e. Capital Police funding, NG in various cities). I think that it would be as fair as asking Trump about immigration reform four years ago would have been.

My problem is just with the form of the question. It was just a walkby moment so the chance of anything substantial being said was close to zero, but I would like nothing better than to see him grilled on the point :slight_smile:

I call it a gotcha question because of course some Democrats think that. So what? Giving the accurate answer of Yes would have just given them a sound bite and done nothing to clarify anything.


OK, fair.

Of course, that could be said about every question shouted in passing at a President, ever.

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Hey man, Biden decided to stop and then answer the way he did, in a bizarre confrontational manner. You feel the question is Gotcha due to time and place despite the fact that he could have simply walked away?

That’s thin. Or is it that Jill wasn’t there to pull him away?

That line is getting thinner and thinner.

So, has any media questioned Biden on why he’s refusing to act on Russia hackers?

Major cyberattacks and ransomware attacks seem a weekly thing now–it’s almost as if Putin knows Biden won’t do anything. And the response from Biden has been nonexistant. It’s a shame, when he took office–I actually had high hopes for him. But his ignoring of Russian hackers is making him look spineless.

Yet to my knowledge, nobody has called him out on his lack of action.

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That and now being able to choke the Ukraine out with energy terrorism.

And here’s some news on inflation, which will be Biden’s true legacy.

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Yeah I can imagine, as obviously the first idea is not nearly as nonsensical as the second. See, I already said it below that it would be easy to find.

By the way, now that you know we both agree that this question has an easy-to-find answer, why do you think the reporter asked this obvious question?

Ah yes, because it really was not a question, but more like an attempt to point out a (arguably rather small) schism in the Democratic party that Republicans love to manipulate their own base (quite successfully) into thinking is a much bigger one, yet again effectively straw-manning Democratic policy stances in the mind of the average (R) Leroy so as to have him vote against his own interests.

Biden instantly responded to her ridiculous, non-question of a question, with a ridiculous non-answer of an answer. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Yet some people seem to be taking his retort as proof of sorts that the schizophrenic QAnon claims regarding the Dems are legitimate? This void in critical thinking is exactly why they have fallen for Q bullshit. QAnon gives them junk food theories that help fulfill their fantasies and provide validation for their biases. They can’t escape the loop and it is downright predatory.

Again, Biden is just pointing out that there are crazy segments in both the Republican and Democratic parties. It will be a cold day in hell before the police get defunded, even if everything was controlled by the Democrats. IMO, a few Republicans parroting QAnon koolaid and a few Democrats fantasizing about abolishing the police are trying to duplicitously milk votes from low-info demographics that literally fall for anything that is emotionally appealing. I would posit however, that the “defunding the police” idea is much more likely rooted in noble (but critically flawed) intentions compared to just conjuring up bombastic, slanderous claims about Democrats so as to engage in petty character assassination, but I am already spending way more time writing this than I should.

Sadly, I don’t think QAnon is really losing steam. I would love for someone to show me otherwise, as it has not at all been a harmless LARP (@Mick are you serious??? Tell me you are not lol) but rather a shockingly effective medium for packaging lies as truth and selling them to the ideologically vulnerable.

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There, of course, are, which is why it’s a gotcha question - there are people in both parties that want to do basically anything. It’d be like asking are there people in the party (either one) that want to have sex with children and animals. Or that murder people. Or steal. Um, yeah, but…

QAnon hasn’t posted anything since around December of last year. The fact anyone at some time in the past weighed in on what was being posted is more a left wing bogey man they constantly trot out rather than anything anyone is talking about now, since there is nothing to talk about and hasn’t been for about 6 months.

Did you ever read any of the actual stuff QAnon was posting? The chans are not for everyone, they were reacting to the over demonization that the MSM was engaging in with regards Trump and the Republicans who they essentially had pushed as basically the combination of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot all rolled into one and they were responding in kind.

The MSM however, has a lot bigger mouthpiece and a much bigger audience who believe them although that number has shrunk a lot over the past 5 years due to them constantly pushing lies.

So, basically he’s done nothing.

That won’t stop Putin or the hackers. Putin is a bully. The only that will stop him is force.

It’s notable that he was slilent under Trump.

Whereas under Obama, he invaded Georgia and annexed Crimea. Under Biden, he’s now hacking us institutions on a weekly basis.

Biden needs to grow a pair and hack back. Shut down Russia’s energy grid for a week.

What sort of force would you use against Russia?

I just said. Hack back.

Its the only thing bullies like Putin understand. Sanctions do absolutely nothing. When has a sanction stopped Putin?

And how many countries did Putin invade under Trump?

Obama oversaw the invasion of Georgia and annexation of Crimea. Trump intervention in Syria, but everyone was interfering in Syria, it was a shit show. Can hardly call Putin out for getting involved when every other country with an interest there is doing the same.

These hacking attacks have sprung up once Trump left the office becausr Putin knows Biden is weak.

are you really going to ‘but obama’ on the biden thread?