Kavalan Whiskey

I like your name Kavalan. So which Kavalan do you prefer?
I like only the Solist ones.

Don’t tell the wife but I’ve been sneak buying the little bottles from 7 11. Forgot which Kavalan it is. Will upload a pic on Sunday night

we don’t get them here in the USA (at least not cheaply)
I did try some small bottles i bought at the distillery in Taiwan.

I like the Solist series best, but iv many i have yet to try

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Kavalan: wonderful people out in the Yilan area!

Never heard about the whiskey before.

Those Highway 3 toll booth girls south of Taipei love to drink Kavalan whiskey

Didn’t they rip out the toll booths years ago?

Not that one. Ask @Caliboy90 he’ll tell you