Keep safe! Extremely Heavy Rain Advisory (it filled up our lakes!)

Yeah you can count those times in hours :slight_smile:

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I saw the news, snow in the Capital and lots of rain in Melbourne these days, not sure is that normal?

They get the odd winter snap freeze, can snow even in Southern Queensland where elevation gets up over 1000m, gets the authorities in a panic as they are not set up for snow removal so they just close the roads - it usually melts within a day. Black Ice is the biggest worry and more common in winter in elevated areas.

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Water now looks good, SunMoon lake at 71% from almost nothing a few weeks ago. (NanHua the big one here is South also at 71% yeah !)


We live next to an ocean. It’s time to build desalination plants. And upgrade the reservoir system. No such thing as too much water.


with nuclear plants. Three problems are solved at once.


Agreed, but I have no faith in Taiwan to “See the Light”.

Nuclear power station number 4
30 years and ten Billion Uncle Sam dollars and it’s set to NEVER open

Only nuclear
Station in the world to be built and never used until it’s retirement age which it’s at now

API for the data is here (JSON)

Which is just a Tuesday as any typical KMT project goes.

This kind of situation is just one of many examples of why people should be less complacent about nuclear run by Taiwan…

You can fix every nut in the car except the one behind the wheel…kind of situation.

Nanhua reservoir is full, finally. In Tainan.


Great news ! How things have changed a lot in the last month or two. Today is bit cold and more rain.

I would not say the water shortage is over. The biggest reservoir zeng wen and the third biggest, deji are at 25 and 26 percent. The North has plenty of water. In the center and south the smaller reservoir are full but there needs to be a lot more rain else next year same problems. 2 out of 5 wet months have passed more or less. And drilling groundwater will cause many probs too if they extract too much. Desalination is a mess with chemicals and waste.
They better increase capacity long term of some of the smaller reservoirs or add more reservoirs and build pipelines to distribute water North to South or from the smaller to the bigger reservoirs. Can always pump up water at night when electricity is more or less free.

And I wonder why Taiwan is not having more pump water storage for electricity. Other mountaineous countries have them everywhere.


Watch everyone forget the water security issues we are facing until winter. As we have been doing for coutless years. Monkey mentality if we have ever seen one. Im still dumbfounded as to the lack of interest into our most basic security…water. and food for that matter. People are getting WAY too complacent!!!

They cost a lot and you need to build an upper lake, not sure how easy that is with the earthquakes and typhoons we get. Still they would be useful if there was a surplus of windpower especially .

Money is not in short supply in taiwan. Nor has safety concerns ever been a deal breaker. Look at taiwans nuclear grid as an example of both massive sink holes of money and lack of any real planning for safety.

Digging holes and buildings dams, at least for water security, is absolutely easy, fast and relatively safe in taiwan. 3 gorges type scenario doesnt exist here.

Pipes between reservoirs should be easy and cheap for the effect. Main thing get e.g. sun moon lake connected to deji. And 1-2 reservoirs to zeng wen. Sun moon lake is overflowing every year I guess, the area it has for weather inflow is similar to deji/zeng wen.

Deji is a tough case, because it is upstream of any other reservoir. Zeng wen likely easier. But both not a problem to connect with pipelines, other reservoirs are easier as they lie upstream/downstream of each other.

And Taiwan has atomic energy, hence energy surplus at night. Switzerland sometimes can kinda get all it’s energy for free, just buying nearly free electricity at night from France and using that to pump up enormous amounts of water to high up lakes at night, and letting it down next day. Coal plants are also not fast to shut down. Gas of course will be switched off completely if pricing is low. Very fast. Same as water power only used if pricing is high.

Solar / wind of course active all the time of wind/sun.

They’ve very much been a deal breaker . We are shutting down nuclear here .

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I suppose your right, i still have doubts on that though.