Ketogenic "Keto" diet in Taiwan

Hakka restaurant down the street has an amazing pork belly and mustard greens dish. Used to feel guilty eating it, now I feel healthy eating it.

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How do you know which butter at Welcome, Jason’s, etc is “grass-fed” which supposedly has more omega 3s than grain-fed?

Try pork belly curry. I add all kinds of veggies: cauliflower,green leaves, carrot. Awesome.

Oh, that’s a great one. Had that a few times.

My coworker does that. For example, she eats like 6 hardboiled eggs in the morning…only the white because yolk is fat. And other crazy stuff. Even though I have shown her research says you need the whole egg for nutrients/process it correctly.Mostly because I feel the waste of all those yolks.

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I’m still on my high carb breakfast, low calorie lunch, and low carb dinner diet (preceded by one or two beers, though). Still maintaining my goal weight and I could go lower if I were to really watch my sugar intake (afternoon snack of sugar free yogurt instead of a chocoloate bar, for example). And I often eat three meals on the weekends, but I watch the carb intake. I’m very happy with this little formula I use. I exercise 3-4 times per week, and I’m sure that allows for the cheating with beer, chocolate now and then, etc.

If it works for you then it’s fine. Everyone’s metabolism is different

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The Anchor is and it’s cheap

Yeah, it’s a pity that the “fat is a horrible poison” meme has become so deeply ingrained in the public consciousness that people start throwing away perfectly good food. I really dislike that sort of thing.

I’m a huge fan of chicken nuggets - the ‘two peck’ brand is great. Made with actual chicken. Ji pai is nice, but the nuggets are less messy.

‘Bulletproof coffee’ sounds weird to me. I’ve heard it mentioned before, but I just can’t imagine coconut oil and coffee tastes good. I do use coconut oil, but for cooking.

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Google “fat bombs” for naughty candy bar like sustenance that will hold your appetite.
Can you get almond flour or coconut flour? Pancakes
Cauliflower crust pizza.
No need to want for anything if you cook.

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I want to know location and dish name. Now.

It doesn’t matter. The guy who made up the bulletproof diet stuff is trying to sell his own ingredients, you can ignore the fine details. I just used freshly brewed coffee, fresh butter, and coconut oil blended up in a kind of hot smoothie.

BP coffee made it possible for me to get lots of work done in the morning. I found that I was really able to focus after drinking it.

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I get European butter, from Belgium or Denmark. Even Japanese. I personally do not like the taste of the ubiquitous French President brand and I am not so sure of Australian brands.

I was very strict with my diet leading up to a marathon this year. Was in ketosis. I ran the marathon very slow as I was coming back from an injury but it was the first time I had a long run where nutrition wasn’t an issue.

Breakfasts are only an issue if you don’t make them at home and can’t get your mind off the western style breakfast. Or are a picky eater like my kids. I simply eat meat, eggs and/or fish. If pressed for time eggs or heating up leftovers only takes a couple minutes. Also, my wife makes the greatest cereal made from finely chopped nuts and a few dates. Great with yogurt and blueberries.

I love Taiwan breakfast shops but hate the oil they use.

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I don’t know why people are fussing over milk in their coffee, as the amount of carbs you’d be adding is inconsequential. You’re getting way more sugar from vegetables than you get in 30 mL of milk. Hell, you could still even add a teaspoon of sugar and still be way ahead of someone eating a bowl of rice for lunch, or oats for breakfast.

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I don’t think it’s a little milk thats the problem, its having a latte which has 12g or more of carbs when many people are trying to stay below 20g per day. So every little carb matters. I think Starbucks latte is 18g or more.

It is actually more about the kind of sugar in the milk. Not all sugars are alike and milk is especially nasty when upsetting the keto process.


A bit of this with some cinnamon. Glorious.


Downloaded an app called Carb Manager.