LASIK eye surgery in Taiwan (Taipei)

There’s a couple old threads a few years old I’m wondering if anyone has had it done or can recommend a place that does lasik. Or I guess any corrective eye surgery, lasik is just the most famous one that comes to mind. I’m returning in the winter and want to look into getting it done in Taiwan.

My eye sights are pretty bad with astigmatism that comes and goes.

@lotus425 maybe knows?

If you use BBS and read Mandarin, you can go to the board “Laser_eye” in PTT.

There are tons of LASIK experiences shared by online users.

I did a quick review and found that these three large ophthalmology clinics are recommended:

The ophthalmology department in the hospital I work for is also famous in Taipei.

Let me know if I can help.

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Yes, can you PM me a contact I can talk to.

My friend’s wife went to Wish. They use a different technology from LASIK, takes longer to recover, but less likely to have long-term issues. I think it was the recommended technology for people who tend to do contact sports and are at risk of eye injuries.

Did he/she get it done in Taiwan?

Yes, at Wish Vision near the Taipei Main station. I asked her because I was interested too, but at the end of the day my vision is not all that bad (when sober).

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Thanks, good to know another opinion. I’ve tried to read some posts in Chinese about people doing corrective eye surgery but my Chinese reading comprehension is very low. Probably like a 8 year old or something so I’m not getting too much from that.

I know a guy that will shoot your eyeballs with a laser presentation pointer for 2 packs of Mild Seven and a bottle of deer antler wine.


Sounds legit

Well, you can’t beat the friggin price, yah?

I know people who’ve done it. Generally, it’s more expensive in Taipei. There’s a place in Taoyuan that will do it at the same level (NTU eye doctor) for much less. But you need a ride home after its over.

Apparently it’s even cheaper in Japan, but you have to deal with getting it done there.

@Andrew0409 did you get this done in the end? Which clinic did you go to if you did…

I did not. I was quoted around 75k for both eyes. But I couldn’t schedule a time before I left. I think I will do it when I get back to Taiwan next.

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Thanks for the update - do you know if this was LASIK or PRK?

It is for LASIK.


My surgery is tomorrow.

There are two kinds. LASIK and Smile. Doctors said lasik is better for me. A little nervous but apparently this doctor is quite good. I got the most high end one that’s about 115,000ntd. The recovery time is faster, there are cheaper options but it’s my eyes so I’m not going to get anything but the best.

I likely will be staying of here for a few days at least.


What happens after you get LASIK? Any restrictions on certain activities like swimming?

24 no screen time. And avoid as much screen time as much as possible for 1-2 weeks. Avoid getting water in the eyes, definitely no swimming for a week or 2 to avoid any eye infection. No contact sports. No rubbing the eyes. I have to wear eye protection, and some patch to avoid rubbing my eyes in the sleep

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I never thought about LASIK because it’s a bit much and while I’m basically blind as a bat without contacts, I learn to manage. Though sometimes there are situations where I can’t use contacts or glasses, and so having 20/20 vision without needing corrective lens is great when there’s an emergency…

While I can’t afford LASIK, I do have a laser cutter…