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What are you talking about?

Your information is outdated. Same point again. Seems like you haven’t visited the US since the 1990s. There is a food revolution going on in the US and chain restaurants are struggling in favor of independently run restaurants. The sheer quantity and quality of good food at my finger tips is certainly better than Ireland or the UK.

France has good cheese and bread, Italy has good pasta. And Belgium has good beer. The rest are disappointing.

What is American Beer to you? Just IPA? Yeah you’ve got a lot to learn. And yes you can find beers just as good as in Belgium.

I brew myself (homebrewing another global trend), and there is way more variety in my local liquor store than any country Europe. Beer in the UK is boring - bitters, stout, lager although now they have some craft beer of their own.

Germany, Ireland , Denmark and Poland to name a few countries have outstanding local style breads. There’s a lot more to Europe than just France and Italy. Even the UK has very good local bakeries indeed.

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If you have the money and live near a big city, that’s really nothing unusual in many places worldwide. In the US food is quite expensive, especially eating out.
The quality of food in the hotels I’ve stayed in in the US was abysmal. It was vile. Yes I wasn’t staying in five star hotels there unfortunately , but …blurghhhh.

Was going to the US a few times a year for business pre-covid. Food is pretty good, also a lot of chains and burgers everywhere. I like the food in America. UK has some decent food these days, and I think the produce and supermarket in the UK is way better than the States. In general agree, food in the US in bars and restaurants is better than the UK.

But France or Italy. Just a ridiculous and wrong thing to say

I don’t like beers in the US as much as I do in Belgium or the UK. You can write as many words as you want, but I’ve drunk beer every week since I was 15 and you won’t change my mind .

If Anthony Bourdain were still alive @Malasang88 he would throw something at you for your sacrilege

I said they have good food. They are countries I could eat my whole way through. Haven’t been to Poland but I like Polish food.

I’m not out to change your mind just discounting what you’re saying. In my city, if I wanted German beer I’ll go to a brewery that specializes in German beer. Or if I want sours, I’ll go to a brewery that only does sours. Saison? Rye Lager? Cherry Dubbel? Anything style you can imagine I can find. And if you did a blind taste test, that European sense of superiority would be shown for what it is.

You will have tell me where, the Taiwanese/Chinese I ate in Colorado was not good at all compared to other cities. One place I did find interesting was went to Sakura Square in Denver had nice small Asian market and Japanese American cafe. Had nice talk about Japanese people there and the experience on Concentration Camps the old Japanese-Americans experienced there in Colorado, sad to hear that story to good learn some history.

I wouldn’t take his opinion on craft beer, but I don’t think he was much of a beer drinker.

There are not a lot of options compared to other cities. It’s getting better every year but definitely wish we had more authentic Taiwanese/Chinese.

LaoWang Noodle House - old Taiwanese couple been there since the 1980s best beef noodle soup. Near all the dimsum places on Federal.

ZhouMama (Boulder and Union Station) - beef noodles, zajiang mian, majiang mian, baozi

Sunflower Cafe (Centennial our favorite)- large menu good variety.

China Taipei (Centennial) - luroufan, rougenmian, suanmeizhi lots of harder to find Taiwanese dishes. Quantity more than quality here.

Flower pepper (Boulder) - very tiny place but big menu and authentic taste.

Shanghai Kitchen - Shanghainese friends like it. I’m ok.

You need to ask for the Chinese menu in some of these places. There are more around Aurora incl. korean which is like the new Asian area.

There are probably more Japanese though - Sushi Den, Izakaya, Domo (country style) to name a few.

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More about claiming US has surpassed France in cuisine

I didn’t say that did I? France and Italy good food. Belgium good beer.

Most focus here seems to be on restaurants, and how that is representative of the food in a country, but I think the availability of ingredients is far more important, and I think Taiwan is pretty strong in this area.

Of course there is absolutely amazing seafood which one can buy at quality wet markets in Taipei, but there are also so many other quality ingredients, which are imported. Admittedly, you might have to pay through the roof for things, but at least it is available. I can pick up a quality piece of Parmesan easier here than in the UK. I think high quality American or Japanese beef is easier to get than in Europe. New Zealand lamb chops (French cut) etc.

Basically, here, we can buy the best of what each country has to offer whereas other countries wouldn’t necessarily import the stuff if they had their own lamb: beef to sell etc.

Fruit is also on a whole different level here, whether locally grown or imported from Japan.



=Nopety Nope

Used to get a lot of this America is the greatest country stuff a lot in Asia around a decade ago, but not so much in recent years. In general Americans abroad are not like that anymore and are a million times more enjoyable to be around. This place seems to have kept the last long vestiges of American exceptionalism


What latest food trends can you name from France?

Go ask Taiwanese people how many french dishes can they name.

Great cheese, great wine but it’s not like all the innovation in food is coming out of France.

You are not open to new ideas because you think it’s American exceptionalism. I’m just saying your idea of American food is outdated. Perhaps the place has changed and not as bad as you think. And many of the global trends in how we eat are coming from the US.

I’ve had this conversation with many Taiwanese who have lived recently in the US and miss the quality of food there.

This place? I just came back so I don’t know what this place has to do with anything.

Yes the fruit and seafood available here is amazing and especially for the price.

How many high end French restaurants are there in Taipei? How many high end Italian restaurants are there? Now how many American restaurants are there?

Can do the same for pretty much every city in the world.

How many French chefs go to America to study? How many American chefs go to France to study?

Anglosphere countries are much of a muchness. We have the multicultural thing going on and the mix of cultures thing and the new hipster thing. US has better food of this type than UK but less so than Australia. But you cant get compare to bonafide food cultures like France or Italy. I will go out on a limb and say I can easily find better restaurants in London than fucking Denver

Its really cute that you think the US is the most influential food culture in the world. Especially while you are in the US typing it.

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Food Cities of the World


One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong

I’m in Taipei. European food is good but so is American. I’m sure London is great. The type of American food I miss I can’t really find here. Most of what is here is burgers and pizza. Saw another thread asking where a good brunch place is. Didn’t seem like there were any. Maybe you don’t know what I mean by brunch.

Taiwan is great but needs to improve on quality, safety cleanliness. That is all.

You do come off the as the stereotype of the “Ugly American”, so I can understand comments from others. I do not feel recently America is better, I feel it’s falling behind or other places have become better. In general I like the States but recently the “like” is not as strong as before in food and society,

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This is so off-topic. If it makes either of you feel better, I favor traditional British cuisine over any other.
Now have a go at me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Taiwanese are sensitive about food. It’s a sore spot I get it. But if you don’t talk about it, how will it ever change? I don’t need to worry about where my food comes from in the US. Now after having kids this is an opinion my Taiwanese wife and I share upon moving back here and realizing how far behind it is. It’s not something you think about as much when you’re younger and no kids.

Judging by your experience you could use a good list of places to eat next time you go. I’ve offered to help.