Let's talk about Trump

That why the Obamas and Clintons live ocean side as well? Are they climate deniers too? I don’t see residents on Martha’s Vineyard heading for high ground.


It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you look at some island nations around the world, it is a real threat. I’d say Martha’s Vinyard is a little bit safer than West Palm Beach, but Obama will be off the island before the real estate prices start to drop.

is this your best response to climate change? rich people with multiple mansions not moving because their ocean side residence is not under water yet??

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Let’s be real, we know what he meant.

That said, you seem to be correcting me for the 2nd time, incorrectly. He said both herd ‘developed’ and ‘mentality’, and not ‘immunity’, and nobody claimed he did.

According to this logic, living in Taiwan is proof China will never be a threat. It might help people to think these arguments through beforehand for a second, if they want to be taken seriously.

unfortunately there’s no logic for them. you could throw a dead body to them and they will deny it “just a temporary thing. it will cool down by itself.”

Well, that’s their own problem to deal with I suppose. People have to change themselves from within, all you can really do is point out the fallacies and have a laugh over it.

It’s not going to happen over several lifetimes, and then will they still call it Climate Change?
Shellenberger’s book really clarified a lot of things for me. Flipping out over Global Warming was one of them. I think we can all agree that cleaning our mess is not only good for the Earth but good for us to be aware of our enormous impact on the other inhabitants of this planet. However, that plants insects, fish, birds and mammals die because we are so good at living just isn’t a huge concern of mine. Who are we to save animals destined for evolutionary doom? I’d have to say that’s where my POV detours from the norm. :idunno:

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I haven’t read his book, but watched interviews with him. Guess he has some valid points when it comes to climate change panic. Interesting how he likens the movement to religion. Can’t help to see some parallels there, Trump culters vs Climate Apocalypse believers, show the first the US flag, show the latter a mountain gorilla.

He comes across as a bit flippant, but I think he will believe in science, Schellinger that is.

By the way it’s not about caring about animal species dying per se, it’s about how exstinction impacts the life of us humans. Exstinction of bees would have a huge impact on us, l believe.

Why will? I think he does believe in the science and the science, according to him, and he sources UN data. I can dig for the references, if you like, but he says what we have been doing since say the first Earth Day has been largely successful. It’s not a slowdown of economic growth that is going to get us to where we hope to be, but an increase…hopefully, using science as the guide of policy and leaving politics and human thought herding out of it…using nuclear power.

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I didn’t mean “he will in the future,” but “he will when looking at science”.

Nuclear power is a whole other story. The radiation is the tricky part. Waste storage, cost of protecting the plants against terrorists and enemies, cost of protecting the people from disasters. You can argue in different ways, all technologies can be improved until they make sense, renewable as well as nuclear. It’s about risks and costs. But I understand his angle.

Anyway, this thread is not about climate change, but Trump, so let’s not get any further, here.

Oh sure…right when I had you on the ropes! :boxing_glove: :boxing_glove:

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One smart-ass TED talker once explained why you gain more from losing an argument than from winning it. My approach to discussions, political or otherwise, has always been, “what can I learn from it?” Not, “how can I land a knock-out punch?”

I always find it interesting to see how people on the left and right cling to their positions and want nothing more than win the argument. I understand that, especially before an election, people try to convince undecided people or the other side to vote for their candidate, but generally speaking, being conservative and being progressive are not mutually exclusive. There are times where being conservative is the right approach to reach your goals, at other times it’s smart to be progressive.

To get back to topic. Trump is an example of extremism. Extremism, no matter left or right, might work in the short term, to achieve short-term goals, but it is rarely sustainable in the long run. You can ran or drive at high speed for short period of times, but you can only go long at lower speeds. It’s just simple logic. The pace Trump has been going is not sustainable, it rips society apart and is not good for country and planet. I’d give Sleepy Joe a chance, so that everyone can calm down a bit.

Btw. rushing the vaccine in order to gain an advantage before the election is a very dangerous game to play.

Funny, that’s what I said aboot Trump in 2016. If Godzillary and the DNC didn’t cheat, we’d be looking at President Bernie now. This is like a digestion problem for the US. We have issues that need to be processed. Could be nice or could be squeaky wheel gets the grease, which in Japan, I’ve read is the nail that sticks up get hammered down.

So, in a way Biden might actually be able to achieve nothing with a win. A chance to digest domestic stuff. Promising stoopid shit like a planetary enema and free jobs for all is the kind of stuff that sounds good, but never actually lives up to itself. :laughing:

Trump gave the Dems a good chance to self-reflect. Unfortunately…

And they came up with Biden…barely scratching the surface. All the really interesting ones who could have pulled off a win were elbowed out in the primaries. I mean President Yang…I may have given him a looksee.

That’s why I listen to Pfizer’s CEO. And he seems confident in what they have and when it’ll be available. It’s not like they never invented a vaccine before. They just did it super fast. I imagine most of the process was the same. They streamlined the approval process, but hey, 200K people have died in the US. Time to go.

Let’s buy Pfizer? Oops, wrong thread…

ABT is going to making covid tests. Lot cheaper than doing a vaccine.

Trump is going overboard. Too much peace at once. The world can’t handle this. STOP IT!!!