Let's talk about Trump

Not to revisit Bengazigate because as that played out in the Congressional hearings was dead boring and a complete waste of time.

But for some who were digging into that at the time, the issue of large transfers of arms (some quite sophisticated) did come up. Just no one wanted to talk about it since all of it was approved by a bipartisan gang of eight oversight. So all the public saw was a nothing burger and Republicans acting like a bunch of twats grilling Hillary Clinton for hours on end.

I guess they had to do this because he’s now a candidate. The Justice Dept. was already investigating him anyway

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Strange, I had zero interest in US politics until 2015 for some reason :thinking:


I really mostly tuned out until 2020


That was my assumption. Merrick Garland felt the pressure to speed things up in case Trump was running to avoid prosecution.

I do. I read the GOP Oversight committee Biden Family Investigation paper yesterday. Is it obstruction when the Treasury has changed its rules and the rule changes directly effect the information about SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports), all 150 of them that relate to Hunter, Joe, Jim, and the no name guys who probably do time?

Mother Jones is scared!

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The establishment is really begging for another populist win from someone, that’s for sure.


For that, they should receive Chris Christie and Eye Patch Dan.

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Trump is toast.

I read Barr’s memoir. Never seemed like a Trump fan. Just a fan of the law. But noooo, he was “Trump’s personal lawyer.” Just like Wray isn’t the Big Guy’s :crazy_face:

It is time for the 45th president to step aside.

That’s not going to happen, at least not because Anthony Barr says it. So what comes next?

A new GOP core is coalescing: Christie, Barr, Paul Ryan etc

Trump’s donors are drying up. Even the 100 million he has won’t win a single senatorial election.

He won’t go, so the one thing they have to do is make sure they coalesce around a single alternative candidate from an early stage. It’s far from certain they can do that, but if they can that could be the answer.

Also, get a guy with MAGA appeal.

Bill Barr: Trump Will Burn Down the GOP

Urrrmm, that’s what Trump supporters want.

just saying.

It doesn’t matter if he won’t go. When he shills on CNBC we’ll know he’s toast.

And who? Who is well known and not nuts who could run with his mantle?

Only Ivanka and she seems to be a mommy now for some reason.

They’re sawing off the limb they’re On. Fuck them.

If he’s competing in the primaries and people support him, it will matter.

Who controls the Republican party is what it’s about.

Neither side is interested in winning against the democrats, the battle is for Republican control.

As an afterthought and I see which side of the Republican party you stand with, the Mitt Romneys, Liz Cheneys, Lindsey Grahams and so on, what are they offering to the people?

I think they can walk and chew gum. Biden and the dems are vulnerable af right now. Their big victory is propped up on 80 year old knees.

Democrats are more likely than Republicans or independent voters to blame Trump for the GOP’s midterm disappointment. Forty percent (40%) of Democrats say Trump was to blame for Republicans falling short of expectations in the midterm elections, but that belief is shared by only 24% of Republicans and 34% of voters not affiliated with either major party. Thirty-nine percent (39%) of GOP voters blame Republican Party leadership, as do 26% of Democrats and 33% of unaffiliated voters.

The establishment Republican’s are in trouble, we get the media narrative they tried to push that the worse than hoped for results of the 2022 elections were Trumps fault. But only 24% of Republicans believe that, 39% blame the Republican leadership.

I guess you may be with the 24%, which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion.