Let's talk about Trump


Just out of curiosity, Comrade, what did you think of the allegations of Russian backing for various movements in western countries back in the day, when the glove was on the other hand?



All right then.

Everybody who matters.


Donald ‘Jackass’ Trump (Donald J. Trump).


What is this guy suffering from in his first month of presidency?

Ronald Regan requested that many things where presented to him in video format. I can understand that, since I am farsighted already at a much younger age.
However, what you see below looks very troubling to me.


Let is revisit my earlier comments in 2015 quoting John Bolton and Doug Bandow’s debate. A lot of the forumosa members are no longer active here, but it’s timely to revisit this topic.


In early 2017, I quoted this article. Bolton is now appointed National Security Advisor.


I’m just really happy that a fight between Trump and Biden won’t be something that will actually occur. Can things get any weirder? I think the answer is an emphatic “yes”! Just give things a few days.


They’re both blowhards, but my money’s on Trump. He’s got the age and weight advantage.


It would be the most bizarre spectacle and that’s the point. Add to everything we can all imagine (lots of hair flying around, for example) the fact that they both got draft deferments, and it would be a SAD affair.


Well, it’s official…Vice seems to favor Biden.


Hilarious! Okay, I think it’s time to talk about typhoons or whether a gf is welcome on the board.




Looks like a fake. Here’s the actual tweet:

He did spell Counsel wrong though.


Took down the first post cause realized there were mistakes, didn’t get it right in his second attempt. And it’s still up there right now.

Problem seems to be, he does not read. Not even about arguably the most important matter that he himself is dealing with. You read a bit about the investigation, and you learn the difference between Counsel and Council automatically. Not him.


Not necessarily. Some people are just bad spellers. Plenty of people consistently confuse words like “capital” and “capitol” no matter how much reading they do.


So glad that these people are not the President of the United States of Amerika.


Hmm, George Washington and JFK were both notoriously bad spellers.


Sure they were.